Friday, June 19, 2015

Inside the Studio: Humblebeads Kits

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So hello again...

Welcome back to the Humblebeads studio. Whatcha' doin' this summer? Finding time to play with beads, working on selling at summer shows or has your creativity gone into perfecting s'mores by campfires and long days at the beach? Yeah, I wish that's what I was doing too.

What I am up to is working very hard this summer. This has been such a busy year and it's only going to get busier. 

I'm currently working on book number 3, the Beadmaking Lab! 
Getting ready to teach my next online class - starts Monday. (You can still sign up!)
I have a trunk show in July and BeadFest in August.
Finalizing samples and details for two fall retreats. 
I have lots of ideas for new beads floating around that are begging to be made and lots of pictures to take to list the new beads from Bead & Button.
Breathe, girl, breath...

And now I'm adding another spice to the mix, why not, right? I've been inspired to start creating simple kits for easy art bead projects. I've done these over the years and I get asked to make new ones all the time. I'm not a big fan of the putting the kits together part, but that's why I have an assistant! I do love the designing part and of course, the shopping!!!

I'm working on a weekly limited edition kit for the summer, I have some really fun projects planned.

I'm also going to be offering kits through Interweave for my Color Canvas column projects, super excited about that.

These Birds and Berry kits will be available tomorrow in my Etsy shop.

So let's get to this week's question.

Is summer a time of super-charged creativity or is your jewelry making time being eaten away by summer fun and activities? 

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Alice said...

This has been the most busy summer we ever had. A trip to Colorado to see our son graduate followed by a trip to Utah with my 84 year old father to see the Arches National Park. Next is a family reunion in Missouri followed by A trip to a convention in Detroit for the youth group in our church.Between all that I am trying tom make jewelry for the shop I consign with.
I love your pieces and your summer colors.

Unknown said...

I just love these gorgeous kits you are creating. I live far away from anywhere to get the components to create the finished piece of jewellery! OK, so there is ebay, and etsy, but you can't get the 'feel' of the components, or judge the size of them, ditto with beads. Your kits, and a photo of a finished project does seem the "way to go"

That way, folks will have the satisfaction of making a gift or something for themselves, in the full knowledge how it will look look like when it is finished! A brilliant idea!

BTW I will be missing at the start of your online course next week for a few days regrettably, but am so excited about it. It will keep me busy all summer!

Saraccino said...

The warm weather, the geat light, especially the long days, it all comes together to make me more energetic and also more inspired. Even if my skin preferes colder climates, I just love the sun and the heat!

And all the colours are different in the sunlight! :)

baymoondesign said...

I regret to day that my jewelry making time being eaten away by summer fun, family visits and I long list of necessary house repairs. We had roofers here for over a week and I found it difficult to be creative with hammering all day long! Now we are moving on to painting and repairing drywall. Fun stuff!

Erin S said...

I don't really find a big difference in creative activity between seasons. For me it's more dictated by work load, which is completely unpredictable throughout the year.

Carol Briody said...

I try to keep up with crafting all year long. The change in Seasons brings new inspiration and a challenge to try something new or different..maybe a different shape of bead or chain, a totally unique color that wasn't in my repertoire before..and then there's the thrill of going to BeadFest Summer! Yay!..learning new techniques!

Deb Fortin said...

Love your idea of making kits. we can then make a replica of your idea OR morph out on our own.
love the colours of the beads in your photos in this post.

I find I am more creative in the summer . My studio is in the basement and though it's a walkout with large windows and good light it is fairly cool . so I love spending time there esp when the humidity peaks and here in Eastern Ontario we get a lot of humidity. plus the mosquitoes love me so I'd rather be inside than our when they are around.

can't wait till your kits are in your shop .

PyxeeStyx said...

I'm doing at least 4 shows a month these days. It's exhausting, but I sell best in person. My work is very textural and needs to be handled. I have a very much needed vacation coming up in 3 weeks. The annual family reunion at Lake Tahoe. Very much looking forward to lounging around in the shade, while the kids play on the beach, and catching up with family. It's been 3 years since I've seen one of my brothers. His little girls are not so little anymore.

DespinaV said...

This particular summer I had to actually reinforce my creativity, so as to make lots of fun pieces for humanitarian causes and charities.
I hope to do a bit of travelling around Europe soon, and that will certainly provide with lots of inspiration.
Thank you

Lynn said...

I seem to be in a "procrastination" mode and lately not accomplishing much. Keep starting things but not finishing them. Just came back from my granddaughter's college graduation in New Hampshire a few days ago and then went for a short visit to my youngest granddaughters. All fun, but making jewelry has taken a back seat to everything else. I hope to get back in the mode soon. I am certainly loving your new designs and hopefully they will stir something in my brain!

Elizabeth said...

I giggled at the question because where I live you don't want anything supercharged in the summer except the A/C. Having said that I find my creativity and impulses to try new things increases but my action to implementing them is very chill.

Good luck all.


Jess Green said...

Hmmm, I really want to get my new Etsy shop filled up with stock but the last weekends have been very busy! Hosted a big barbecue two weekend back and was at the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge this weekend just gone!

Had plenty of fun but I really really need tome to make some new earrings and get things photographed for posting - hopefully I will have a few evenings free this week to get things done - I have plenty of ideas buzzing round my head I want to put into action so the creativity is there, it just needs tapping :)

Terri said...

Challenges keep me going all year long. But I am finding I'm not able to participate in as many as I would it must be true.... summer fun is gobbling up some of mu creative time...But that's okay...It all makes me Happy! Isn't that what it's all about.
Love the Bird and Berries kits! Great design ...great idea!

Carolyn said...

Like the idea of kits with your beads in them. Love the colors in your pictures.

Do not have a lot of added activities during the summer. Now is the time to be sure pieces are getting priced before the holiday shows.


Carolyn said...

Like the idea of kits with your beads in them. Love the colors in your pictures.

Do not have a lot of added activities during the summer. Now is the time to be sure pieces are getting priced before the holiday shows.


fairiesmarket said...

Retreats!! I'm interested. I will check out the kits too. Thanks.