Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tips for Using Wood Beads in Jewelry Designs

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I have a bead crush, it's a long standing one - but every once in a while the flames are fanned again and I can't get enough wood beads. I love the warmth of wood. I love that it's lightweight. It connects my designs directly to nature. And they happen to perfectly compliment my line of Humblebeads. Wood beads also let you work with larger pieces without adding weight to your jewelry.

Tips for Working with Wood Beads

Balance - Since wood is so light add in stones or ceramic beads to add a little weight to your jewelry. For bracelets add one or two heavy beads at the bottom of the bracelet so the back of the design will stay weighted on your wrist. And for necklaces, add a few heavier pieces at the center so the necklace doesn't shift around too much.

Irregular or Larger Holes - pull out spacer beads to cover larger holes. Try flat copper spacers to cover larger holes. Use round metal beads that are 2-4mm in size to keep wood beads laying smoothly while you wear it.

Add Color - Mix in a pop of bright color to your jewelry to balance out the dark wood.

Asymmetrical - I like the look of asymmetrical designs in jewelry that uses wood. I think it looks more modern.

Tie It Up - The larger holes in wood beads make them excellent to use with leather cord or waxed linen.

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Kathy said...

I love your necklace Heather.

BluMoon said...

I love using wood beads and like to use them with agates and jaspers, Polymer clay or ceramic beads brass and copper look good to!
Love your necklace such lovely colour blends!