Friday, July 10, 2015

HELLO :) from Swoondimples

First off, thank you kindly for the invitation to join such a wonderful group of bead & jewelry lovelies! You provide such great inspiration for me and I admire each one of you. I love to witness how you are so encouraging & supportive of one another. It is truly an honor to be in your company.

A little bit about me, Heather Wynn Millican, aka, SWOONDIMPLES. 

I am a 2nd generation artist and have been crafty for as long as I can remember. At age 5, I recall watching my mother work in her studio, twirling paper for quilling designs & cutting intricate patterns for papertole. I would attend craft shows with her and sell worm pencils with googly eyes
(I wrapped colorful pipe cleaners around a pencil end and glued 2 googly eyes)
2 pencils for 50 cents! My parents have always encouraged me to pursue art in every form. Aside from my pipe cleaner skills, I also played the saxophone, attended calligraphy lessons, paper making classes, and printmaking.

I was 16 when my mom purchased my first block of polymer clay. It was 1991 and she was really into making beaded watches. Who recalls that fad? (insert giggle) She was disappointed in the selection of beads that our local hobby shop supplied (this was before the internet and the explosion of online bead shops). So we decided to make our own beads, polymer clay beads.

I quickly discovered cane making and started selling my wares at local art fairs and musical festivals. Musician George Clinton purchased one of my polymer clay laden sterling rings which was an 'epic' experience for me at age 18. My mom and I continued to sell at art shows together for the next 20 something years. It was fun to travel alongside her to cities like Portland, Austin, Tucson, Milwaukee, and New York. We made TONS of treasured memories all while pursuing our love of art and jewelry.

photo credit | Andrew Thornton
(I was 8 months preggo at the 2010 Bead & Button)

I love words, a genuine logophile. I adore poetry and collecting quotes. If you are familiar with my beads or jewelry, you know that pretty much EVERYTHING has a word embellished somewhere within it. In fact, when I was attending the Savannah College of Art, if the metal stamps were missing in the Metalsmithing lab, they were certain to be on my bench. I graduated from SCAD in 2000 with a bachelors in Graphic Design and then attended a year of graduate school in the Metals & Jewelry program. I continued to create jewelry after leaving Savannah in 2004. I was a single mom and would stay up late through the nights designing pieces for my webstore and ShopSCAD.
God Bless ShopSCAD for promoting my work and giving me steady encouragement to keep creating. 

In 2009, I married a man to whom I had attended high school with. He sat behind me in study hall when I was 16. We were friends but didn't date until I was 34. Funny how things happen! Scott had 2 young boys when we married so my *Henry-bear was thrilled to gain brothers. Exactly 3 months after our nuptials, we were surprised with the news that we would be expecting a 4th boy! I think its funny to say that I live with 5 dudes. There is NEVER a dull moment in our homestead!
*Scott legally adopted Henry in 2012 which is 1 of my top 3 happiest days ever


So that's pretty much me. I am a splendid mixture of sweet & spicy. I function best in the company of those that love to laugh, I'm a chocolate addict, and dimples make me swoon. I love creating beads & components for other artists and it brings me great joy to see them used in such various and unique ways. I strive to create work that offers hope to those who may need encouragement. I have a big heart for the ones who feel too deeply, the brave, and those who find beauty in the mundane.


Kylie Parry Studios said...

Loved reading your story and seeing all those handsome gents ;) Thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

So happy and honoured to have you here Heather! I love the shot of all your menfolk :-) I hope I get to meet them all next year! x

Divya N said...

Thanks for showing us your beautiful work. Your graphic design background shows through in your concepts and clean lines

Alice said...

I enjoyed reading your story. Growing up with two sisters I'm sure my dad was wishing for a son. It was nice to see all those boys.

Karin G said...

Great story, beautiful beads, I'm happy you are part of this great group and looking forward to read your posts!

Unknown said...

I love chocolate too!!!! I also love the positive thinking so many people are able to wear as jewelry because of your beautiful pieces.

baymoondesign said...

I love your words. Thanks for sharing your background. You have a lovely family of dudes!

Lorelei Eurto said...

I feel that we have always had a connection- and one of the reasons is our parallel love of wordy jewelry. I loved to read this in-depth look at your journey- many things I already knew but it so nice to see the whole story. Which by the way, makes me love you and your beads even more.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I am so happy you are with Art Bead Scene. What a perfect way to put it - that you strive to create work that offers hope and encouragement. I hadn't articulated it, but that is just how it feels to buy your work. I always feel like I am getting something positive and good.

Shai Williams said...

I just love your work and so glad to see you joining my favorite blog.

Heather Wynn Millican said...

Thank you so very much everyone :) (BIG HUGS TO EACH OF YOU)

TesoriTrovati said...

I can recall quite completely the first time I ever spied one of your pieces in a magazine. I reached out to you to let you know that I was a fan and you were kind enough to reply so sweetly. I have a tremendous hoard of your beads and components that really need to see the light of day, but they are so special that I want to do them justice. You are a part of my own inspiration with my Simple Truths line. Seeing what you did with words confirmed that it was possible to bring a message to life so artfully. The soulful sentiments that you carry on your art are so very precious. We are most delighted to have you journey with us! Enjoy the day! Erin

Heather Wynn Millican said...

Erin, I recall our first coorespondence as well and it was lovely to meet you in person at Bead & Button! Thank you for hoarding my work and being so very kind :)