Thursday, September 24, 2015


Happy Thursday ya'll!

I hope everyone is having a stellar week and enjoying all things pumpkin spice.
I have been busy packing up our home as we are moving this weekend! YAY!! It's been a splendid combination of stress & joy and I am SO very ready for a well deserved libation after we unload our boxes. Luckily, living with 5 guys has kept me a minimalist. Our 4 boys do not require purses and shoes to match each OOTD. Oh, and their bathroom necessities are simply toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. Oh, how I love having sons!  (we do, however, run out of food at a rapid rate)

With that said, packing has been a breeze. It was exciting to pack up my studio, touching tools and beads that I had long forgotten. My creative mind was reeling with new ideas and I quivered with anticipation of my studio space in our new home. For the past 4 years I have been sharing space with a washer and dryer (yes, my studio was in the laundry room) Granted, it smelled downy fresh but the natural light was very nil. My new space will be a sunroom, the classic Florida style with windows galore. I am SO stoked! I will finally be able to see! I will also have ample space to set up a soldering station so I can finally get back to metalsmithing.
I can't wait to share photos with you once we are all settled in. Future Inside the Studio!

More exciting news on the horizon! 
I am unable to spill the beans just yet but you can get a teaser....

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Unknown said...

I can't wait to hear more! Congratulations on the new home!

KJ said...

Enjoy your new windows.

Unknown said...

Thanks from someone new to this wonderful field of jewelry making business! Just what I needed!