Friday, April 29, 2016

Inside the Studio with Tari of Creative Impressions In Clay

Inside the Studio: Tari Sasser :: Creative Impressions In Clay

Each week one of our contributors gives you a sneak peek into their studio, creative process or inspirations. We ask a related question of our readers and hope you'll leave comments! As an incentive, we offer a prize each week to encourage you to use that keyboard and tell us what you think. The following week a winner is chosen at random from all eligible entries. And here are the results from last week!

Congratulations to Terri you have won a set of Earring Sticks from Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio. Please contact Michelle with your pertinent information so she can mail your prize.

You may or may not have noticed I have been on hiatus. I started a new job working at my local Pinot's Palette (premier paint & sip studio) as an instructor. 5 minute commute to work, WOOT! I love this job!!
I needed to concentrate on that along with family. I did keep up with the monthly challenge posts. I needed a break from juggling. Hopefully I can keep the balls in the air now!
Sorry for the late post. It was participating in Grandparents Day at my grandchildrens school, so I have been gone all day.
Here is my apron I painted last year for the opening of our location. Of course my apron no longer looks so neat and pristine. I've had to go back in and parts recognizable. It's covered in paint now.

I made earrings and a pin for all the artists, owner and studio manager. I get comments all the time on these! I love them!!

A necklace for myself. I ran out of time to make more.

I first made the prototype. Glued them to to bottom of the container with Elmer's Glue so they don't float when you pour in the plaster.


This is the slow pour of the plaster. Slower means fewer least we hope. 
I was pretty happy with the results.

For the Bead Cruise I made Lady Liberty Coin Buttons  from my Coin Button Collection for the goody bags. 
This is my latest project that I managed to ship Monday.

My question is: 
How many balls are you juggling these days? 
Have you found a balance or had to cut things out to keep a bit of sanity?

Answer the question in the comments below and you could be the lucky winner of a set of 4 Lady Liberty Buttons.


Mary @ said...

I am juggling less balls these days, just family which includes 3 pets and 3 guys, my jeWelty business and my health. That is plenty for me. I had to cut out my regular job to stay healthy and happy.

Yvette said...

I find I end up juggling many balls with 3 children and work and trying to create jewellery and beads. I find that I end up dropping the jewellery and bead balls when energy levels and time are low.

Jan J. said...

I've been a bit busy the last 18 years with adopting two girls from China as a single parent, homeschooling them, and working full time from home. I have not had time to do a lot with creativity except with my kids for art class and making some jewelry when I was out of work for a while. Now they are graduating high school this year (they are 5 months apart in age) and I am ready to get back in the art saddle again!

I absolutely love the paint pallet and brush necklace! The lady liberties are great too!

Rebecca said...

Well, we all know that ABS is one of the balls that had to be dropped for me, sadly! I do struggle to manage bead shop, jewellery, singing, social media, all gets a bit much! I find that if I get into a routine where I can stop work at a reasonable hour (I'm talking 9pm, not 5pm, sadly - just not 1am either!!) and get to bed then things work out better. I'm even managing to go swimming every week day at the moment so that's not too bad! I absolutely LOVE your palette jewellery - so cute :-)

thecolorofdreams said...

I would love to attend your class and paint and sip with you. It sounds like a great job for you. I think that it is easy to try to take on too much sometimes, but finding a balance is never easy to do. Love the earrings and buttons too.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting... mood ring

Sarajo Wentling said...

I'm always amazed at how busy my husband and I are since we don't have any (human) children to add to the mix! In reality, I'm juggling far less these days than I used to but I still struggle with figuring out time management and balance. Your buttons are super cute! This year's Bead Cruisers are lucky!

Gloria Allen said...

I am a Juggler, My job of late I am wearing two hats my job and my staff's responsibilities because I run an 24 hour department which is shortstaffed by two people currently, I wnat to keep up with FB challenges, ABS challenges, blogging,blog hops, signing up for shows, 3 young adults at home that should be self sufficient(not)searching air flights for July vacation, Learning about marketing and making a few pieces.