Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Earring Challenge Reveal

Once again these were the components we had to work with, Michelle of Fire Fly Design Studio provided the the earthenware discs and tiny beads. Anne of Gardanne Handcrafted Enamel provided the enameled long ovals.

I just read Michelle's post and my favorite features of her design are the how the the ceramic discs sit on top of the oval and the cluster of wire in the middle of the disc.

My hats off to you jewelry designers out there, my first mistake was waiting until the last minute to put this together.

First I tried something with seed beads and it worked, but I did not like the design. However I did discover that Michelle's tiny beads are a great way to hide crimps, they fit perfectly in the bead hole.

This is what I came up with, I know pretty basic, but I do love those freestyle wire wraps. I definitely wanted the discs facing forward to show off as much of that pretty glaze as possible. I kept the loops big enough so that everything moves and does not look stiff. These earrings feel very comfortable on, the enamel and earthenware are very light weight.

The wire is oxidized brass from The Patina Queen, she has wonderful findings.

Niobium ear wires are from ArtBeads.com.

Hope your enjoyed our challenge, if I get a few more of these under my belt my jewelry making will hopefully improve.

Anne Lichtenstein
Gardanne Handcrafted Enamel


Firefly Design Studio said...

I love the discs wire wrapped to sit sideways instead of stacking. It was fun doing this challenge with you :)

Mary Redman said...

Great job! You should make more jewelry!

bairozan said...

Love the beads and colors and the wire wrapped components!