Saturday, July 23, 2016

Earring Design Challenge Sneak Peek #2

 Michelle of Firefly Design Studio filled you in the other day that we are having a little design challenge.  I have the same components that she has in the photo below, Michelle's earthenware discs, tiny beads, and my enameled long ovals.

I am always on the lookout for new shapes, some I make myself and some I purchase already made. I introduced the long oval last year and it is my most popular shape right now.

I am a tad nervous, because jewelry making is not what I do best, I like making the bits and pieces for you jewelry designers out there. I guess its good that I'm uncomfortable because that means I am challenging myself, right???

Inspiration is never to far away and I am constantly amazed with what my customers and other jewelry designers do with not only my work, but other artisan beads as well.

If you love earrings then you already know Julie Thelen of Jewels by Jules please visit her ETSY shop and you will see what I mean. I love the layering Julie did with the flowers,  enamel components are very light weight so you can get away with adding a lamp work bead and additional components and still have a comfortable earring.

Cheryl Zink picked my favorite color in the enameled long ovals. Cheryl sells her items on her Face book page , please check out her work. I could not find these earrings, I hope that means they sold Cheryl. I love the wire wrap that Cheryl used on the top of the long ovals, its perfect, small details like this really make such a difference in jewelry design.

Like these designers I will probably have something going on above the enameled long ovals in my earring design, but that is all I have right now. Wish me luck.

 Please come visit ABS next Tuesday, July 26th for the big reveal.

Anne Lichtenstein, Gardanne Handcrafted Enamel


Gardanne said...

FYI Cheryl's earrings are still available.

Mary Redman said...

Your beautiful enameled components and Michelle's earthenware components can only make beautiful earrings regardless of how they are put together. You can't go wrong!

Sherri said...

All these earrings are just so beautiful!! I love enameled copper :)!! Just gorgeous!!