Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bead Table Wednesday - Wire Nests

Today's Bead Table Wednesday is a fun and easy way to create a wire wrapped nest for your art beads.

Watch the video here:

I used 24" of 19 gauge steel wire.  Other wire options include 18-20 gauge copper or colored Parawire in the metal tones from Vintaj. I recommend using wire that is 18-20 gauge for necklaces and 22 gauge for thinner nests like the earrings below. 

1. Start a wrapped loop 3" from the end of the wire. Wrap tightly two times and then two times on top of the first wrap to create a messy wrap. 

2. String on your bead. 

3. Create a wrapped loop at the bottom. Wrap tightly two times and then continue wrapping above the loop. 

4. Wrap several times and then begin wrapping the wire closer to the bird. Continue wrapping, working up and down from the bird to the loop until the nest looks full. 

5. Trim the wire at the back of the bead, half way across the bead. Tuck the end of the wire into the nest. 

Resources from the video:
Humblebeads - Birds, eggs and house beads
Gardanne Beads - enamel leaves
Diane Hawkey - word bead
Steel wire - Ace Hardware or Amazon


Terri Del Signore said...

Nice to see you Heather!! I just love these!! That bottom right pair of earrings is just awesome!! Very creative!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful inspirations! Thank you!!!

Heather Powers said...

Thank you Terri and Katherine!