Monday, March 27, 2017

Inspiration found in the "everyday"! Even in the bathroom!!??

Hello to all you wonderful Art Bead Scene readers!! Let  me explain my choice of title for this post before you have time to worry where this post is going!!

I love whales! I have had a couple opportunities to view them in their natural habitat, and I am awestruck by them!! Because of my fascination with whales, I tend to collect whale decor. My bathroom has a few whale items in it, one being this whale sculpture:

I think it is made of some type of melamine. I got it from Michael's. I thought it was wood when I bought it but with having kids, it has hit the floor more than once.  Wood would not shatter the way this guy has. I fear one more fall, and glue will no longer save my sweet whale!  I see this whale daily and have often been inspired by it. I have been wanting to make a bead size version sculpted out of ceramic clay. Here is what I came up with when I finally did.  He is hand sculpted from porcelain.

So YES!! INSPIRATION IS EVERYWHERE - even the bathroom! I also have a really cool rag style mat in my bathroom that inspires me as well.  I want to come up with a bead inspired by it, and I am sure I will!!

I am ever fascinated by the things artist find inspiration from, and what draws them to those things.  How is it that one artist can be drawn to, and inspired by something as simple as a gourd and others may not even give a gourd a second look? (I'm a totally gourd fanatic BTW) I truly appreciate the differences from one artist to another!!!

This leads me to tell you about a little something I am working on, and hope you might join me in!
I have just created a facebook group dedicated to everyday Inspiration! The group is called "inspiration in everyday". This group has been created as a means to share the everyday things we take inspiration from to use in jewelry! The group will have art bead focus. All creations shared here should include at least one handmade art bead or component. Art beads and components themselves also highly encouraged! This group is an opportunity to share our inspirations and encourage one another on the creative journey. 

Once a month, near the end of every month, I will have blog post that will focus on topics centered around inspiration. This will include interviews with artists, plus tips and ideas on finding inspiration! With this monthly post I will randomly choose one persons photo and inspiration from the facebook group to share here on the ABS blog. That same person will also win a little prize from me (hint: ceramic beads).  

I'm really excited and think this will be a really fun way to share and learn more about what others find inspiring.  I also hope it might give more reasons to seek out inspirations in our everyday lives! 
Oh, I so hope you will join me in my facebook group. I just started the group and I am a little lonely with just me, myself, and I;)  Did I mention I am going to giveaway my hand sculpted whale bead (pictured above) to one member. To be entered into the random draw all you need to do is click on join here and join the group. You will have to do so before Thursday for the draw because I will be drawing on Thursday for the winner! 

I will leave you with the dictionary definition on the word Inspiration:
Inspiration - (from the Latin word inspirare, meaning to "breathe into") refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavor.

May you find inspiration in your everyday!

Terri Del Signore (artisticaos)

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