Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bails and Beads

                                                      Handmade bail by Mary Harding

It was one of those "happy accidents" that lead to the making of this bail a few months ago.  I  had apparently made a toggle bar that was way too long and had for fun wrapped some copper wire around it and then left it to one side of my soldering station.  Weeks later I came upon it and thought it could be salvaged if I added two more loops --one on each side and completed the wire wrapping along the entire piece.  It took one of my talented customers buying it to clue me in that it could be a viable and desirable jewelry component.

Today  I am sharing several of these bails that I have made since. I have just added a few of all of them  to my Etsy shop, as well.
                                     Handmade jewelry stringing bails by MaryHarding

And now for a look at how some art beads will look on the bail:  I will begin with a Diane Hawkey pendant which I recently purchased from the Ceramic Art Bead Market on Facebook.  This is the first bead by Diane that I have ever owned and I am so taken with it.  I have admired her work for years and am so pleased to have one carefully packaged up in my bead stash.

                                            Ceramic art bead by Diane Hawkey

Next I tried out a bird bead by Gaea  also from my personal collection
                                                       Handmade art bead by  Gaea

I tried out a long bead from Something to Do Beads and it looks great in this rustic setting
                                    Handmade art bead from Something to Do Beads

And finally one of Claire Maunsell's pod beads

                             Handmade art bead by Claire Maunsell

I hope you enjoyed seeing how a handmade bail can be versatile enough to be used with a variety of art beads.
 Thanks so for stopping by today!!  See you again next month.


baymoondesign said...

Great new designs made possible with your discovery. Well done!

Unknown said...

EXTREEEEMLY cool and creative! Now this shows me a brain at work. I love to see the creative process.

Divya N said...

Lovely, these bails are full of character and rustic charm

Claire Maunsell said...

Absolutely love this bail! It is gorgeous with the solder on it. I am meandering along the same lines in polymer, but this is much more beautiful and more fully realized! Inspiring, Mary!

Anonymous said...

I love these! Great way to set off art beads - with an art component!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. What a great component! I love the way it can work with so many different styles and materials of art beads! You are a marvel, my friend! Enjoy the day! Erin

Loralee said...

I need some in my life!! Brava!!