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Janice Everett shares thoughts on inspiration

If there is some chance you don't know Janice, please allow me to introduce her and share some of what she has to say about inspiration!! Janice Everett is the wonderful, hard working person behind the group Artisans Create Together and JLynnJewels Circle. She is planning to do a mini class this summer on inspiration through photography. If you have not seen what she does with photography, I encourage you to join her at JLynnJewelsCircle and find out. It's quite incredible!!

Before I share what Janice has to say I always like to start off with the random winner for the "inspiration in everyday" monthly challenge. A big thank you to everyone who played along this past month, it is so nice to see, and share in the things that inspire others! The winner this month is Ann Schroeder. I just love that Ann found inspiration from a store window display!! Here is photo of what inspired her and the lovely necklace she made from that inspiration.  

You can read more about what Ann has to say about her inspiration hereCongratulations Ann!! 
Please send me your address and this little bird will be flying over to you! 

At the end of this post I will show you the prize for June (that prize can fly too;) If you are not already in the "inspiration in everyday" group, you can join here:)

Now for Janice, here are s some of her thoughts on inspiration and upcoming related events:

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.  If you know me – then you know that inspiration plays a huge role in not only my chosen creative career – but also, living life in general.  It was also the platform of my former career as a Creative Marketing & Educational Leader with JoAnn’s.   Although I left those years behind to pursue my own creative interests and re-invent a new business for me in the jewelry and art world, in the early 2000 – much of what I did lives on in the retail world, and much of what I developed and implemented in the marketing sense, lives on in me, my business, and my two Groups – Artisans Create Together and JLynnJewels Circle.

Inspiration can be magical – an unexplained gift for those that receive it. But inspiration can also be a learned skill.   The more you exercise this phenomenon – the better you become at noticing the little things, that can inspire you in your creativity, and growth as an Artisan.   As Artisans, I do feel we all have a responsibility to future generations to carry on the many art forms, mediums, styles, techniques and skills, that have been handed down over the centuries. This is why I choose to inspire others – by utilizing my own business and past experiences, as an educational resource and financial supporter of paying it forward, through my two Groups.

How?  Through a lot of Creative Challenges, Tutorials, and Mini-Workshops that are designed to get the creative juices flowing…and to encourage others to become confident in their own abilities and thoughts in the creative process, while instilling an Artisan community that supports, shares, and encourages each other.

In addition to the many Challenges that take place every month in the Artisans Create Together Group (Color/Photo Inspiration, Component Inspiration and the new C5 Creative Challenges which involve being inspired by a multitude of themes and actions – Emotions, Causes, Patterns/Shapes, Places).  I also will be doing more involved Summer Workshops in the JLynnJewels Circle Group, including a new Mini-Class on Inspiration through Photography.  Similar to what I shared a few weeks ago, where I actually took macro photos of every day items from around my house and created abstract works of Digital Artwork that I’ll be utilizing for my own ART Tiles...participants for this mini-course, will be taken through a variety of exercises in taking both landscape and macro photos for the purpose of inspiration for creative projects, and more.

Upcoming in June…
Artisans Create Together Group:
Quick Creative Business Tune-up – June 19-21
Inspire Me, Inspire You – June 26-28

JLynnJewels Circle:
Inspiration Photography – June 22/23

Links for FB Groups:

Thank you Janice for all the work you do to help and inspire artists!  You are certainly a Gem - or wait....Jewel!!;)  If you know Janice at all you know she makes gorgeous photo collages!! Check out this one, and join her group here and find out what she does with these photos.

 A couple more of her beautiful collages for your eyes to enjoy and to stimulate inspiration!!

Now onto the prize for June.  One winner will be chosen at random from all who share in the "inspiration in everyday" group.  So come on over here and share what is inspiring you! The winner will be featured here on ABS next month and win this guy -

Hope to see you over there!!
Terri Del Signore

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Thanks so much Terri for all the kind words - love creating from inspiration :)