Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Corfu Blue:Free Necklace Tutorial from MaryHardingJewelry

Last month I promised a tutorial using the above components and that is what we will be doing today.  Since then I have given the necklace a name.   My inspiration came from watching  The Durrels in Corfu (streaming on Netflix)  and then reading Gerald Durrel's Corfu Trilogy.  Upon arriving in Corfu for the first time, Gerald describes the sea surrounding Corfu as "butterfly blue."  Feeling sure that these crackle glazed porcelain beads must be that color, I was inspired to name my necklace Corfu Blue.
I have made some changes in my original plan.  What follows  is a picture of it laid out before I actually put it together.

And then I made some more changes and here is  how it looks now.
                                                     Photograph of the full necklace

                                   close up of the Leaf Pendant and the Large bail

8 feet of 20 gauge sterling silver wire (patina before using.)
5 Corfu blue porcelain beads --ranging in size from 8mm-14mm
1 porcelain Corfu blue bird bead
2  10mm golden bronze stoneware beads
1 small porcelain flower charm
8 10 mm dark brass or steel jump rings
2 dark brass or steel 11mm jump rings
3 7mm dark brass jump rings
11  6mm dark brass jump rings
1 dark brass  eye pin
5-6 inches eclectic handmade chain
3 pieces of 6 inch chain (one teal and 2 gray)
1 Copper and Wire Toggle clasp
1 Zola Elements Patina Green Brass Scrolled Focal Link 64mm x 56mm
11 size 6 antique gold color seed beads
1 Queen Ann's Lace Ceramic Leaf Pendant

1. Using the 6 mm jump rings attach the #6 seed beads to the 8 loops on the Zola Elements Bail
2.  Wire wrap both ends of the golden bronze 10mm beads  each with a 6 inch piece of the sterling silver wire.  Enough wire has been allowed to double wrap them if you wish.
3.  Attach the golden bronze beads to each end of the bail with an 8 mm jump ring.
4.  Attach an 11mm jump ring to each end of the group of  three strands of 6 inch chain (one teal and 2 gray)
4.  Make a wire wrapped chain with 2 Corfu blue beads and 1 bird bead.  Position the bird bead between the two other beads.
5.  Make another wire wrapped chain with the three more of the Corfu blue beads
6.   Attach one chain of beads on each side of the necklace to the golden bronze beads with an 8mm jump ring.
7.  Then attach the last wrapped loop of chain on the left to the eclectic handmade chain and on the right side to the three chain strands.
8.  Use an 11mm jump ring to attach the eclectic chain to the copper toggle clasp
9.  Chain together 3 of the 5mm jump rings and add them to the toggle bar
10.  Attach the above  chain to the group of 3 chains 10mm jump ring
11.  Make a wrapped loop on the small flower with the eye pin making sure to attach it to a ring in the chain before you closed it.
12. Add the Ceramic Leaf Pendant to the loop at the center of your Zola Elements Bail with an 11 mm jump ring  Attach 3  # 6 seed beads on the 6mm jump rings to the 11mm jump ring as seen in the picture above.

Your necklace is finished.  Since this necklace is composed of many handmade elements, I encourage you to substitute beads and chain from your own stash or search on Etsy and other places for handmade components and art beads.  General Sources for supplies follow.

Art beads, Ceramic Leaf Pendant,  handmade chain, toggle clasp and are made by me. I have listed the leaf pendant and a set of the corfu blue beads and bird as Made To Order  in my Etsy shop  www.maryhardingjewelry.etsy.com    I also encourage you to seek out substitutions or beads from your own stash to make this necklace.   I have checked Lima beads and you should be able to get one of the Zola Elements Bails. Here is the link 
Chain          Michaels.com
Teal Patinated chain  MissFickleMedia.etsy.com
Zola Elements Bail  at this link:https://www.limabeads.com/Zola-Elements-Patina-Green-Brass-Scrolling-Focal-Link-64x56mm-P42144
Jump rings and eye pins  Michaels.com
Golden Bronze ceramic beads Firefly Design Studio   https://www.etsy.com/shop/fireflydesignstudio

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I enjoyed making this necklace and sharing its progress and development with you.  Look forward to seeing  you next month.


Terri said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

Mary Harding said...

Thanks so much Terri. I am so pleased that you like it!!

BHClaysmith said...

This is a well thought out design which makes a timely, provocative statement! All the chosen components complement each other and your expertise as a jewelry maker really shines through; thanks for sharing it with us!

Mary Harding said...

Thank you so much Barbara. I surely appreciate your detailed and kind words about this tutorial. It was a pleasure to make this necklace. I have been saving up parts for it for some time so was very happy that it all worked out.