Who are the contributors and editors of the Art Bead Scene?

Heather Powers - The owner and editor of the Art Bead Scene, her website is When she isn't busy making beads and blogging, she is planning her next Bead Cruise adventure.

Tari Sasser - Tari reminds us that art beads aren't always beads! Primarily a button artist (any button can be a pendant or jewelry component), the owner of Creative Impressions in Clay sheds new light on the possibilities of art beads and their uses.

Erin Prais-Hintz - Jewelry designer, Erin Prais-Hintz, creates one-of-a-kind pieces that capture emotions and reflect the personality, history and passions of their owners. Her art utilizes everything from precious gemstones to found objects from foreign lands or close to home. Each work of art is unique in style, color and texture and is a treasure found just for you.  Learn more about Erin's story and check out her jewelry at her website.

Rebecca Anderson - A mixed-media jewellery designer based in the UK, Rebecca looks at the international art bead scene, especially of her native land. As a designer, her style is eclectic, colourful and quirky; she creates mainly one-of-a-kind pieces - using found objects, art beads in all manner of media, gemstones, glass, fibres and metal to name but a few. You can read more about Rebecca on her blog, check out her jewellery on etsy, and buy supplies from her new shop, The Curious Bead Shop

Mary Harding - Mary's beads are both slip cast and hand built. Each bead is individually decorated with stampings, multiple stainings, firings and glazing often resulting in an ancient or primitive look. Mary uses impressions from wildflowers and plants that blossom in the summer in the pastures of Northern New York. Mary Harding Jewlery + Etsy

Claire Lockwood - The artist behind Something To Do With Your Hands. Claire is a self-taught jewellery designer, who makes unique handmade jewellery, from a wide array of materials, including handmade artisan beads and components, vintage pieces and found objects, semi-precious stones and gemstones, czech glass and other assorted lovelies. She has one Etsy shop where she sells her one-of-a-kind jewellery designs, and another where she sells her handmade beads.

Heather Millican - Heather is an artist who strives to offer hope to those who may need encouragement. She is a lover of words and has a grand heart for the ones who feel too deeply, the brave, and those that find beauty in the mundane. Heather is a Savannah College of Art graduate and currently lives in Florida with her husband, 4 young boys, and boston terrier, Ollie. You can find her on Etsy and Facebook.

Michelle Ann McCarthy - Michelle's beads reflect her love of the beach, sea life and nature. She uses different ceramic clays, molds and hand building techniques. Michelle enjoys designing whimsical jewelry with her ceramic beads. Waxed linen and Czech glass are her favorite materials. You can find her on her website, on etsy and on Facebook.

Julie Wong Sontag - Julie is a glass beadmaker with a passion for building community, and inspiring conversation around her writing. Her best work comes from that magical place where nature meets creative flow. She is fascinated by all things weird and wonderful. You will find her hanging out most days in her Uglibeads Facebook group or on Instagram, and she posts new work for sale in her Etsy shop regularly.