Sunday, September 23, 2007

As the Bead Turns, Sept. 23

Bringing you all the dirt and drama from the beading blog world...

Art Bead Scene would like to welcome loyal reader Melissa Lee to the blogosphere! She started blogging late this summer with her blog Strands of Beads, which has become an entertaining blog full of creative beading, occasional knitting, and beautiful art beads. Welcome her by posting a comment on her Something Wicked Giveaway post, and you could win the bracelet shown above! Only a couple days left!

Art Bead Scene Need to find some beading friends to share your creativity with? Someone who understands the depth of your beady insanity? In a helpful post last month, Heather gave us six great reasons to join a bead society, along with a resource to find one near you.

Bead Arts Cyndi suggests that if you want to dust off your skills with wood, you think about ordering the new book by Lark publications, due out soon, called "The Art of Jewelry: Wood"

Jewelry and Beading Japanese if you please! Tammy is playing again with metal clay and points her readers to this way cool Japanese web site.

Katie's Beading Blog In Katie's ongoing quest to find new uses for findings, she reveals chandelier earrings and a necklace that use beading cones as an integral part of the design.

Naughty Secretary Club It took almost a year, but finally the brand spanking new Naughty Secretary Club website is here. Read all about the new bells and whistles and the new and improved shopping cart!
Savvy Crafter Ahoy, Bead-lovers! Even pirates would be envious of Candie’s loot after her beach-side bead shopping spree along the South China Sea.

Snap out of it Jean! There's beading to be done! Jean's traumatic experience with her first spiral seed bead bracelet. Argh!

The Impatient Blogger See Margot sign books at a new AC Moore store opening. Then enjoy another entry in her Adventures in Jewelry Making with the BQOTU (Day) entries. In this episode, Margot shares how to properly open and close a jump ring. It may not be rocket science, but jewelry making does use physics, who knew?

Did you read or write any good dirt on a bead blog this week? Leave us a comment and a link and tell us the latest scoop!

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