Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Getting Ready for Holiday Sales

It is still hot as blazes here in North Carolina, but still I know it is time for all of us artsy people to be getting geared up for holiday sales!

Here is a quick time line for you to glance over - not to put any pressure on you or anything, but the time line starts now!


Get your sketch book out and start with new and innovative designs. We all know there are more and more people making jewelry out there - how are you going to make yours stand out? What is it that you have to offer that someone else does not? Unique beads and pendants, creative stringing techniques, great color combinations? Let your imagination run wild! You can always reign it in later if need be.

Take a look at your past sales and gift giving. What did good, what ideas can you bring back, where can you add to the basics you have already done? Try out some "holiday looks", but also keep in mind that people love to wear art beads all year long.

Think of adjectives and then make art to fit: Festive, Moody, Unique, Comfortable, Subtle, Lavish, Earthy, Sparkly.......

Make lists! Supplies needed, shows to book, gifts to make, people to call, inspirational art to view.... Update your mailing lists, both postal and electronic.

Once you get your ideas ready and supply lists well on their way, place your orders by September 15th. With a two week shipping schedule that will get most of your supplies to you in plenty of time. (No overnight shipping costs.) Keep in mind that everyone is placing orders around the beginning of October - try to beat the crowd!

Careful now - don't just rummage through your new supplies, oh and ah over them and then put them aside. Get started on the actual assembling of your designs around October 1st. Make sure you have good lighting (the days will be getting shorter), clear up your work space so you don't waste time looking around for something that never got put back in the right place and keep that design sketch pad handy.

Aim to get the bulk of your finished products done by the beginning of November. This will give you plenty of time to take good photos and get them posted on web pages and sent out as postal and emails notices. Let everyone know of your up coming shows and how they can be in touch with you if they can't get to the shows or if you just do word of mouth selling. Make sure shopping carts / billing procedures on your web site are fully functional and secure.

Work on your displays - don't wait until the last minute with this! You may have absolutely fabulous work, but you have got to get it displayed so people can find and see those beauties. Be kind to your customers - put it out there where they can see it!

Be ready to hit the market by November 15th and keep on going through the holidays!

Good luck!
- Elaine


melanie brooks said...

Thanks for the timeline, Elaine! Tis the season soon!

Rebecca said...

Great timeline!

I just realized that i have less than 8 weeks till an open house where I am the featured artist, plus a whole bunch of other wholesale orders and a trunk show or two. I am WAY behind schedule. I need someone to remind me to breathe.