Thursday, September 13, 2007

Colliding Beads! Melanie's Bead Collision

In the spirit of our current monthly challenge, When Beads Collide, which encourages the use of two or more art bead artists in one piece, I present my collision of beads for a future planned project. This grouping, seen above, has the works of 4 bead artists! I plan to make this bird themed necklace soon, and I have dipped into my stash of favorite feathery beads to make it happen.

The Collision: Here are the beadmakers shown:

#1 Anne Choi silver bead that says "be not forgetful to entertain strangers"

#2 Coliebug Beads toggle bar and pendant, which I may use as a clasp.

#3 Green Girl feather pendant in fine pewter

#4 My own beads, Earthenwood Studio porcelain charms

The Plan: I am imagining this necklace with the Anne Choi bead at the center, with dangles hanging down using the pewter Green Girl feather and the porcelain feathers. Maybe the bird charms too. I want the toggle to be at the side, off center. I am thinking of keeping the accent beads pretty simple, just black pewter, silver and maybe a little copper to counter the Coliebug coin shaped component. Of course, this is all in my imagination...things may change once I get working on it! Stay tuned, I hope to show the finished piece soon...


melanie brooks said...

Oh, it's funny that this was posted today because I woke up thinking of feathers and birds again. I have birds on the brain lately! I wish I could work on this today, but alas, other work awaits...

I would love to see collisions from other deaigners!

melanie brooks said...

um, that's "designers". Obviously no coffee yet! And no spell check.