Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bead Those Winter Blues Away

From NoEasyBeads:
Don't let those winter blues slow you down. Now is the time to play with your beads and try something new. Create something to please yourself. Don't let those blues grab you by the seat of the pants. Grab those beads and bead happy! (Eat chocolate, that helps too!)

Add a new technique to your beading repertoire if winter has you feeling blah.

If you are in the mood for beading, Beverly has an easy project featuring a multi-hole art bead as the focal point in her Caribbean Queen Necklace.

I could see art beads used in Eni Oken's Coiled Frame Wrap project. I've been itching to try out one of Eni's tutorials. This project has a lot of possibilities. You could make one as part of a pendant, just add a few dangles to the bottom. Make two for earrings. Create the bracelet pictured or go crazy and make a long version for an incredible necklace.

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