Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Love Tools, Digital Picture Frame

For Christmas my husband gave me a digital picture frame. Not only will this be wonderful to have displayed in our home but his suggestion was to use it at trunk shows also. Genius! I had not even thought of that, but once the idea was planted I knew I wanted to share it with our Art Bead Scene readers.

My plan is to use a separate memory card that I can load my bead pictures onto - keeping just family pictures stored on the actual device. Then when I do a trunk show I can just pop that card in - ready to go instantly. I'm thinking this will be an effective marketing tool for a variety of reasons. First, having a great deal of printed pictures displayed starts to get visually cluttered and distracting. Second, the lighted digital display can show off important small details without having to worry about room lighting or glare. Third, the time difference it will take to set up that one frame vs. about 30 pictures is huge and time is always an issue with me. Finally, just the novelty of it will get people to stop and look.

I think that I'll have photo album of some sort nearby so people can then go directly to the picture they'd like to see. I can pause my digital photo frame, but I don't think I'd want just anyone playing around with the buttons. I'll still display a few prominent pictures around the area, but not so many smaller / easy to overlook ones.

What beady gifts would you like to share with us? Leave a comment - Thanks!

New Earth & Wood Toggle sets by Elaine Ray


Gaea said...

These are so beautiful and fun!

Mary Harding said...

Your digital picture frame is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for writing about it. I found some on Amazon. Also I love your New Earth and Wood Toggle sets.

Elaine Ray said...

Thanks for the complements on the toggle sets! My favorite part of using the frame is that I can keep all my bead pictures on just one memory card. As always, thanks for reading Art Bead Scene!

Tari of said...

Elaine, I loved this idea so much I went and bought one. Show season is just around the corner!
Tell your husband it was Genius!