Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fit to Print - Tari Sasser in Bead Style

Feeling Groovy?!?

Take a look at what Bead Style has tacked up onto their Bulletin Board in the January issue:

Take a trip back in time with Tari Sasser and her psychedelic pendant, perfectly strung on a simple leather cord. Stay on that trip for just a minute and take a picture in your mind's eye. Now hop on back and leave us a comment about a memory that popped into your head. If you are a bit younger than me and weren't yet around to see those times first hand just make something up - teach this old dog a new trick!

Can you just imagine what you could do with a few these!?! Thank you Tari and your Creative Impressions in Clay for helping us have some fun with this life we have been given!

* This just in ..... Tari is also featured this week by Creative Knitting magazine! Click here to see her Clay Fob for Scissors. A great gift idea for any knitter or for yourself!


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I love these pieces. I remember the buttons! Think I left a comment!

Congratulations, Tari, you rule!

That scissors fob is downright astounding! wow!

Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

Jean, you are too kind!
Thanks a bunch.

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

I am in my boyfriend's living room; we've turned out all the lights except for his brand new lava lamp.

We're lying on our backs, on avocado green shag carpet, listening to The Doors and watching the pink and yellow stuff in that lamp undulate and change shape.

What a trip!

Tari of ClayButtons.com said...

That is a great story! I have a lava lamp in my bedroom. I have always loved tie dye.
I was born in 1960. I lived through the sixties but not the same experiences ;)

Rosanne said...

Oil on water projected on a screen at many a concerts! I think I had a t-shirt something like that...

Elaine Ray said...

I have a lava lamp in my bedroom also!!!! Cynthia - you have me wondering .... is that a Jewelry tale?

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Elaine, it is certainly the beginning of one! LOL, perhaps I should pick up some of those beads and go with it, eh?

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I am a lava lover from waaaaaay back. I graduated hight school class of 69! that was THE year!

whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

This is the pendant of my dreams!!