Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Book Review-websites for beaders

Websites for Beaders
The Bead-a-Holics Guide for Beads and Findings on the Web

Visit a new bead store every day!!! This book will help you find exciting websites with bead bargains and "free" lessons, patterns, beads and shipping.

Four sisters who love to design and make jewelry decided to create a website and sell their jewelry on-line ( The sisters began to compile a list of their favorite websites where they found bargains on beads and unique findings. They knew that others in the beading community might find this information helpful and fun and wrote this book to share with you.

This 48 page book was released January 2008. You can purchase for $16.95 from Amazon or B&N online. OR pay $5.00 for a download off of Outskirts Publishing website.
I did the later. Which is my suggestion. My issue with the download is that you can't print it out. I like to print out different pages so I can make notes. The upside of the download is that it is a PDF file and you can do a search within the book.
Websites are listed by states. 2 ABS editors are listed in the book.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

this is great! thanks! wat a super clever idea!

അതുല്യ said...

Hi dear,

I do a lot of search for jewellery pattern and google had shown me your site too and i liked it very much. Of late I also started little jewellery making. Pls visit this site also when time permits.

of course i use my native language in malayalam (India - Kerala - Kochi). But still i request you may please see the works there. I am just a beginner with a lot of ideas, but having a grown up son, most of the items i make do not have a place to put on! So always i keep making and breaking new patterns. I live in Dubai, and here we have lot of jewellery tool shops and pear/swiroski shop. Though prices are little high and we also do have a full area of gold smiths working in small small rooms (at about 100-150) in a row! I interchange my ideas with them and they are always good rated knowledge bank for telling me about tools. What I dont get here is gold plated wires. SO i settle with copper coloured wires.

. I normally use thin round nose players for my work on pearls for making two/three layers pearl chain etc. Recently I had found a new way to join two pearls after a loop. It is like this,

Normally after a peral is inserted to head pin, normaly we make one jewellery loop and cut wire.

THen on that loop we make another loop and put one pearl and again make loop for continous (rosary type) strings right?

In my latest post, where u can see 2 layer green sworsoki, i had used this pattern.

that is,

after one loop is made with the initial pearl,

keep the wire tip U shape in little length (1/2 cm to 1 cm, depend upon the next pearl size) and hook this U hook to the current loop so u will have some thing like a U shape clining on to the hook.

now thread one pearl to this wire and when the pearl reach down portion, where as of now we have two wire, as it is in hook form, and just squeese these two wire to the pearl on the wire, so it will go (squeezed inside) the wire. and after this make normal jellery loop as beforeo and continue.

I imagine it is difficult to understand what i said, so if u can give me your email id, i will sent a picture post dear.

my id is