Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thinking of Ending it All?

I mean your jewelry design. Do you really think about how to end it? Or are you stuck in a rut with the same old spring ring clasp? Let's inspire you with a few exciting claspossibilities! ABS inspired inspiration comes from Elaine Ray's clay and wood clasps or from Tari Sasser's sassy purple leaf clasps above. Making the clasp the center of your design? What about a Carl Clasmeyer handmade clasp? Maybe a Humblebeads petal clasp below? Here's a quick antidote - surf on Etsy and ogle some creative clasps. Can't show a picture here, you'll have to go over to Etsy and see. It's cool! If you're going to end it all, do so creatively! What's YOUR favorite clasp?

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