Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sticky Note Reminders Taking Over Your Office?

Have you forgotten something and can't quite remember what it was? The editors of Art Bead Scene are here to help you sort through that pile of sticky note reminders.
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On Studio Saturday, one of the Art Bead Scene Editors ask a question of the readers in hopes you'll leave comments! As an incentive, ABS offers free bead(s) each week to bribe you, the reader to use that keyboard. The following week, the winner of the bead(s) is announced during Studio Saturday.

Winners are asked to send in their address to the Pretty-Green-Blue-ABS-Suggestion-Box.

Is that what one of your yellow Sticky Notes says? "Remember to send in my address to ABS?" Did it get lost in your pile of notes?

There are free beads waiting for you! Check the Studio Saturday posts and see if you've won.

You can throw away one of your Sticky Notes. One down 9,999 to go!

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