Saturday, May 31, 2008

Studio Saturday

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I have always loved the imagery of the Sun and Moon. Above are two new buttons. Both are in bisque form and haven't been glazed yet. They will have dual personalities. They will be buttons and a new item I am releasing at my show next week, a Needleminder. They will have magnets in them so they attract your needles (and each other, one on top of the canvas and one on bottom) as you are stitching and don't end up on the floor.
I will be on hiatus for a while. 2 shows in a row and medical issue. I should be back some time in July/August.

My Question is:
Do you have a bead/button or other item that has a dual purpose?

This weeks prize is a mystery button! It's a mystery because I have to run take a shower! We have a child graduating today! 3 down, 3 to go.


Anonymous said...

That's a tough question. I do have some buttons, vintage ones, that I have used to make molds for polymer clay. I also repurpose buttons for use as decorative touches on placemats, table runners, etc. I really like the idea of using one for collecting pins. It will be interesting to read about what uses people have for buttons.


gaela said...

I knit as well as bead, but the only buttons I really use are the ones I make from fimo for my sweaters, and then I just collect buttons. In my jewelry, I sometimes put a pendant on a necklace that can be taken off and worn as pin or brooch. I guess too, that I make really very long necklaces sometimes so they can be worn many different ways. I love the idea of buttons as needleminders, as I love to sew as well! I hope you will be feeling better real soon.Congrats 2

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! *as she does happy dance around her studio* I can not wait to hold Heather's Urchin Bead in my hands. Bet it feels as cool as it looks!!

Mary Harding said...

Hi Tari,
Congratulations to your graduating child. And to you parents for helping it happen. I often use buttons as part of a clasp. I rarely use buttons as buttons. I have a wonderful collection I bought a few years ago, and I work through it slowly as I make jewelry that needs them for a clasp.
Good luch at your shows.

Anonymous said...

dual-purpose,re-purpose who's to say what the realy pupose is! I work for a lab supply company and in my mind testubes were meant to be bud vases and cryovials (tiny plastic screw top vials) were meant to be covered in clay and used as pill holders. I think it is the most fun when people figure out what the "original" purpose was

Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask that question. Just this morning, I used two identical silver buttons with pearl cabochons as the clasp on a six-strand oval pearl necklace. I used a pearl loop on one button to loop over the other. What a beautiful clasp. (and free--it was in my stash)

Tari of said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful answers. I love hearing from all of you! Please keep visiting!