Saturday, May 24, 2008

Studio Saturday - BonBons

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Inspiration comes from strange places sometimes, and occasionally without inspirational intent. This is a story of accidental inspiration.

I often make things in a random sort of way, just letting shapes happen and come together without a lot of advanced planning.

The beads know what they are, and they will tell you. The ideas come down to the fingertips, and out into the clay or paint in surprising and wonderful ways sometimes.

These three little beads must have decided that they were meant to be something different from the original idea in my mind. When making them, I thought of them as a sort of cameo, or maybe a framed antique pearl image. Something like that, which is like my usual style.

They were shaped in polymer clay, colored, baked and polished.

At that point I looked at them and realized they were different than I pictured them. And then they showed themselves for what they meant themselves to be, it was a revelation of a sort. They are BonBon Beads.

What's the story behind these little visual goodie beads? Not completely sure, but I think it goes something like this. It's spring, and I'm making the usual effort to lose some weight. So candies have been on the no-go list. No baking, staying away from goodies, cupcakes, all that.

However, my subconscious is apparently craving sweets, causing me to unknowingly create things that look like the candies and baked goods I'm trying to stay away from.

Even the reverse side looks like a confection. Pistachio, caramel and orange glazed.

At some point I believe that it's best just to accept what your eyes are telling you and acknowledge that they are BonBon beads, even if that's not what I started out to make in the first place.

Have no plans to make more, since to tell the truth I had no plans to make these, so these are a limited edition. They are very fun looking, brighter and more colorful than my usual palette. Maybe it's the spring flowers, the sunny weather.

Here they are, posed in a candie box, looking very sweet, like tiny iced cakes. Don't they resemble little confections?

If I had meant them that way, I'd be very proud of my efforts, but since I didn't intend them to look like candies, it's all very mysterious in the creative brain process.

So I am offering up one of these BonBon beads, hopefully someone will have a great time designing a cute necklace or something with them. The question for this week is what do you do when your creations take on a life of their own? Do you fight it or go with the flow? Share a time when your creations got away from you.

Because if I keep looking at them, I'm going to lose all my reserve and head to the bakery!

Save me from myself! Doesn't that one look just like a little blueberry tart? I must stay strong.

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Bead-Mused said...

My goodness. Just one time the beads took control? It happens frequently, from the simple scissors holder that was supposed to be in blues and burgundies (now green, rose and gold) to the show piece that was supposed to a simple herrigbone rope (and ended up being full of waves and decorative rings, and sold in the first hour of the show). I've learned to just go with the flow and let the beads tell my fingers what to do!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.... You've got to do chocolate... Everyone loves chocolate, don't they?

I let my creations 'live' and they tell me what to do. Like not throwing out ancient white Fimo I got at a garage sale. It flakes, but never softens. I rolled it with some black. The third time through, it turned into a gray and white 'granite' or 'marble'. Perfect for a donut, which is now hanging from a new black and white necklace.
Don't throw it out, you can at least cover it with something else.

abeadlady said...

You are too funny. Isn't it amazing how those little beads run our lives? I do predominately bead embroidery. Most of my beading is intuitive. I let the beads tell me what direction to take. It's interesting that the one time this year I tried to push them in a certain direction, I was unable to finish the project. Needless to say, I went back to intuitive beading. LOL
Your treasures do indeed look like scrumptious little candies. Good thing they have no calories.


Shai Williams said...

I learned long ago just to go with the flow. If I don't, I end up with more stress then I started with which isn't good considering that beading is my hobby. When I relax and just let my muse take over I am always amazed at what takes shape and quite often very pleasently surprised.

Cindy Gimbrone said...


Yummy beads! I particularly like how you've "posed" them in the chocolate box. You know the way to a bead lovers heart! :-)

I don't fight it when the glass wants to be something - it's useless to fight. I can't control it when it wants to flow a particular way a be something other than what I planned. Usually, the end result is lovely, once in awhile, it ends up in the "glass mulch" pile. Either way, it's worth it because even glass mulch serves a lovely purpose.

Great Studio Saturday post!