Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jewelry Designer Interviews

We've had the pleasure of interviewing both well-known and up-and-coming jewelry designers who incorporate art beads in their handmade creations. Here is a handy index:

Melanie Brooks Lukacs

Margot Potter

Shari Bonnin

Jean Yates

Patty Woodland

Melissa Lee

Katie Hacker

Lori Anderson

AJ Reardon

Mango Tango Designs

Lorelei Eurto

Kelly Angeley

Timothy Adam

Ishita Ghosh


More to come!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! Some of them are my most favorite jewelry designer.

Anna Lemons said...

So glad I accidentally came across your blog! It will take me days to pour through it all, but I don't want to miss anything! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks a ton for sharing those interviews! i just got a lot of useful ideas and jewelry concepts from each of them. their stories are also very inspiring especially for a newbie like me. i know it's not that easy to make a name in this business where competitors abound but it helps to know that some of the very successful jewelry makers came all the way from the bottom and have slowly but surely climbed up the steep ladder to reach their goals. i hope to find myself also on top even if it takes a lot of hard work, sweat, and even tears!

swanriverstone said...

very cool, look forward to reading the interviews;-)