Sunday, June 22, 2008

Walk for Susan Komen Comes to Hysteria Lane

There's a neighbor from the town over visiting - Lisa Kan. She's come to the ABS Neighborhood because she knows that even though there's lots of drama on Hysteria Lane, there are big hearts. Lisa has a challenge she's working on and the Desperate ABS Neighbors want to help her - but let's let Lisa speak for herself:

When I embarked on this challenge, I actually thought I would have no problems raising the initial $2200 required to walk in November. As I proceed, I have come to truly see how hard it is to obtain and ask for donations. I persevere and will be walking with Sara Hardin of Softflex Company, even if I have to come up with the remainder $$ myself. Sara has already reached her goal, so it's my turn to step it up!

We are walking 20 miles a day for three days straight. This will be right before Thanksgiving and I will be walking nearly THREE marathons back to back. I have walked 20+ miles in one day, while in NYC and know how truly exhausting it can be but three days? Never fear, even if I collapse in exhaustion, I will at least try to finish with Sara besides me. That is why I am doing this "after" all my shows. It will be the biggest challenge and endeavor I've attempted to date (much harder than writing a book!) but I'm going to go for it because you only live once.

Well my hope is that when you have an opportunity, please visit my blog page for the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure to read why I am even taking this walk. If you know someone affected with Breast cancer, then know that Sara and I will be walking for them.

If you can give up a dinner out this year and help me get closer to my entry fee to walk it would be very MUCH appreciated. As an incentive, not that you need any, I am rewarding the top five donors a special gift after my walk to arrive before Christmas. One generous donor from Japan actually donated $750 which got me closer to my goal. I am just $615 shy of my goal so I am "almost" there. Thank you for any dollar amount you can donate. All my best to each and every one of you.

Good luck reaching your goal, Lisa!

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Edie said...

just wanted to say good luck to Lisa! I am also walking the Breast Cancer 3 Day and have also found it difficult raising the money. Good Luck!

Tracy said...

Thank you, Lisa! (And thank you too, edie) I appreciate what you are doing.