Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Bead Biz - Do I need a hang tag?

YES! If you are going to be selling at shows this holiday season you are probably in the midst of getting ready for them. Maybe you're working on new business cards or a new display, but have you thought about your hang tag?

Let me explain....Hang tags are like a mini artist card and business card all wrapped up into one that "hangs" off of your jewelry. I know jewelry is small and sometimes your tag is bigger than the piece, but you can cram a lot of information onto a small tag. As you can see on mine below. Hang tags are good for when your so busy you can't personally tell everyone your story or care information. It is attached which is better than a business card that might get lost along the way. also, if the piece of jewelry is going to be a gift for someone, it's a nice added touch for the receiver to see that it's indeed handmade. And what if the receiver needs a matching pair of earrings to go with the beautiful necklace they just received, they know where to find you! My hang tag is the size of a business card folded in half. I find this the best size for me because I can print them on my computer using standard perforated business cards.

Here are some thing that can be included on your hang tag....

1. Your business information, especially that website address if you have one.
2. Care information
3. Name of your piece
4. Quotes from other customers of your jewelry
5. How it's made, type of materials, etc
6. Your background, experience or education
7. Your logo for those people who are visual learners

One last bit of advice, if you are using your hang tag for displaying the price too, make sure the price can be cut off or removed before gift giving.


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Great info!

Jen Judd said...

I really like the "Bead Biz" pieces you've been posting--very helpful!!