Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bead Biz - Jewelry Displays

Most art & craft shows are filled with jewelry booths. You want to stand out, not only in your work, but in your display. Your display should reflect your artistic sensibilities and provide an appealing backdrop for your work.
For fabrics, choose solid colors or subtle patterns that compliment your jewelry and make a personal statement. Texture is an important element in designing your booth. Engage customers by creating a booth that invites touch. Texture can be played up with by using wood, glass, metal, fabrics, natural stone, and in surprising elements, like fresh cut flowers.

Add height to your display to create visual interest. Use stands, risers, shelves, or boxes draped in fabric to break up the level of your table displays. Standard tables are too short for jewelry display, cut PVC pipes to slide on to your table legs to add height.

Hardware and home decorating stores are a great place to shop for your booth display. Baskets, ceramic plates, bowls, or vintage books can be used as displays. Picture frames are another great find. Replace the glass with fabric and use to display your eye catching pieces like little works of art. Stapling screens onto the back of picture frames or using small dowel rods are two more ways to transform inexpensive frames. Be inspired by found objects, start looking at things that catch your eye and try to imagine ways to use them in your display.

Your display should say something about your work before customers even step up to your tables. Go for originality and be creative.
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Miss Courageous said...

Hi, great article, thanks for featuring my booth, here's a more updated version: or
aka: Miss Courageous

rosebud101 said...

Those are great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful hints. Thank you so much for featuring my booth (6)Graffiti Jewelry. I truly believe that the booth is 80 percent of the sale..your smile and approachability is 15% and 5 percent is the appeal of the product itself.

It takes all the senses coming into play to even get the potential customer into your booth....once they are there the hard part is done

I use a lot of finds from my travels oveseas on my table now. Before it was a water feature but that got to be hard when there was no electricity.

Great examples here

barbe said...

thsnks for posting thin, I desperately need the guidance right now! This iwll help me immensely

cserpentDesigns said...

Here's a link to my booth setup at the last show I did ...

Anonymous said...

Recently I read someone who referred to her booth as her "store." I realized that concept would make me look at our booth differently, in terms of warm, welcome, inviting, not "just" displaying our pieces. I liked your ideas and suggestions, thanks Teri

Unknown said...

So inspiring; (I'm a Miss Courageous fan via flickr.)Would like to share my favorite things: bed risers and Walgreen's $20 tables. Risers pop up @ Goodwil, and Bed, Bath & Beyond has them. They make good pedestals if spray-painted or collaged.

Jewelry Displays said...

Great tips and great blog, keep up the good work!