Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten Dollar Tuesday

Art Bead Scene has a new feature this week. It's the debut of Ten Dollar Tuesday. Each week we will feature a project with Art Beads that can be made for under ten dollars. This week Jennifer Heynen from Jangles shows us how to make this snazzy necklace.

1 Jangles Medium ceramic bead
5 Black 6mm Czech faceted rounds
2 Turquoise 12 x 4mm glass beads
120 Matte lime size 6 seed beads
1 silver 6mm disc bead
1 silver 3 inch headpin
2 silver 1mm crimps
20 inches of beading wire

Tip: This is a great project to use those extra little beads you have lying around your bead boards. Just pick a couple of colors from the focal bead you are using to match to the accent beads.

1. To begin, string a Czech bead, the silver disc, and the ceramic bead onto the headpin. Make a simple wire loop just above the ceramic bead and trim the excess wire.
2. Crimp one end of the silver clasp to the beading wire. String 60 of the seed beads onto the wire. Follow the seed beads by a Czech bead, the glass bead, and another Czech bead. String two more seed beads and then add on the pendant.

3. String the second half of the necklace just as you did the first half. Finish the necklace off with crimping the second half of the clasp and trimming the excess beading wire.


Jennifer Cameron said...

What a cute idea for a blog feature! And only $10? Can't beat that!

Beth Hikes said...

I love being thrifty!! Clever notion to inspire people to hunker down and look for finds that have been languishing in your stash :)

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

What a great idea!

simplybeadiful said...

Love it! The colors are so fresh and only $10?! Can't beat it! I am inspired to make something special with the beads I have from you...use what you have designing is great!
Erin, Tesori Trovati