Friday, November 21, 2008

Full Steam Ahead Bead Picks

Here are some art beads from our contributors that reflect this month's challenge theme.
Journey Square from ExpeditionD
A copper etched plate could be used in a bead embroidery piece or you can request that Lynn drill two holes for you.

Jennifer's pendant in the earthy hues so often found in the steampunk genre. This would look great with some gears, chain and leather components!

Raspberry Bowl Pendant from Cindy Gimbrone
This is a new and exciting direction in Cindy's work. She has combined the mix of glass and metal for a beautiful effect that could be either modern or ancient.

Astrology Wheel from Creative Impressions in Clay
Science and mythology combine in Tari's button. Remember Tari can create her buttons in many different styles, including a hole on top so they can be used as pendants.

Purple Branch Disk Beads from Humblebeads
These beads leans toward the Victorian color palette, dark and moody.
We have seen some beautiful entries this month, enter your creation today!

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