Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Steam Stone Charm Necklace

This simply steamy necklace can add a bit of mystery and history to your wardrobe with just a few subtle hints of steampunk style! It's easy and inexpensive to make, and the metallic deep pewter glazes, aged brass elements, and brown suede bring a casual yet fantastical look that can be worn with your best neo-Victorian finery, or just a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.

1 Porcelain Earthenwood Studio Vertical Link Steam Stone

1 Natural Brass 5.6x3.6mm Flower Spacer Bead

2 Natural Brass 2x6.9mm Flower Petal Bead Cap

1 Deep Brown 6 mm Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearl

1 Black 6 mm Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearl

1 Natural Brass 23.8x7.8mm Key Charm

2 Natural Brass 5.2mm Jump Ring

1 Natural Brass 2 inch 22 gauge Head Pin

2 Natural Brass 9.1x5.3mm Crimp End

1 Natural Brass 5.5x14mm Hook and Eye Clasp

18" Brown Ultra Micro Fiber Suede

Round Nose Pliers

2 Chain Nose Pliers

Wire Cutters

1. String onto the head pin the following: 1 bead cap, 1 large pearl, 1 bead cap, 1 flower spacer, and 1 small pearl. Make a wire wrap onto the top of the beads using the round nose pliers. Trim the end of the wire and tuck in as needed.

2. Using two pairs of chain nose pliers, open 1 jump ring and attach the beaded dangle from step 1 to the bottom loop of the porcelain Steam Stone. Attach the key charm to the same loop with another jump ring.

3. Fold the length of cord in half and string the folded end into the top loop of the steam stone, from front to back. Pull the cord through about an inch and then string the two loose ends through the cord loop, and pull tight, forming a larks head knot.

4. Set one end of the cord into one of the cord end crimps, Using the chain nose pliers, fold the ends of the crimp down onto the cord, one at a time. Flatten the ends down until the cord is secured. Repeat on other side.

5. Open the ring of the hook clasp and attach to the loop on one cord end. Open the ring of the eye of the clasp and attach to the loop on the other end of the cord end.

Steam Stone from Earthenwood Studio
Cord from
Art Beads
All other materials from
Fusion Beads

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi Melanie, it's great to see how you use your own steam stones in jewelry. Almost a bolo look; I can see me wearing this!

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