Friday, November 14, 2008

Nuts About Beads!

Like squirrels gathering nuts for winter, we hunt for our favorite art beads!

Squirrel, acorn beads and a toggle set from Diane Hawkey

Funky Nut by MamacitaBeadworks
Squirrel pendant from Tanjasova

Gray squirrel bead from Humblebeads

Fine silver acorn and squirrel charms by CherryCreek

Acorn and leaf beads from Chickadeebeads


Andrew Thornton said...

Don't forget about some by Green Girl Studios!

There's the acorn dangle:

And there's the baby squirrel bead:

And an oak leaf:

Heather Powers said...

Thanks Andrew! All of today's finds were from Etsy. Green girls' squirrel bead is one of my favorites.