Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best of the ABS - I WILL Create!

Best of the ABS - Guest Blogger Gaea, first published 7/09/08

I will create. i WILL create. i will CREATE! Ever been stuck in a creative rut? With so many amazing techniques and materials out there it doesn't seem like you possibly could. But it happens. Forcing yourself into it almost never works. Recently I have found that inspiration comes in from some very unusual places and at unusual times.

Our T.V. for instance. It is an older model and has been prone to throwing fits of color tantrums. It will suddenly decide to throw out all colors but magenta. Which when watching a movie with highly saturated colors can make for some interesting schemes! I have a few designs planned with these colors in mind. Nature has a plethora of inspiration. Ocean colors and shapes. Forest colors and shapes. Sky colors and shapes. I find it fun to mix them up and put them together. Here is a fun exercise to get your creativity going on a different track if you feel stuck in a rut...

Write various colors, shapes, textures and materials onto strips of paper put them in the old hat and pull out three or four. It could be a fun jumping off point for some serious design! Sometimes if I feel like I need a push into unfamiliar territory I will sketch or draw a few ideas. Sometimes, as much as we love our first ideas, they may be a bit off the mark but playing with an idea can sometimes produce something that does hit mark. Play! See what happens!

The colors and style of this bracelet were inspired by the movie "The Darjeeling Limited" while our T.V. was on the fritz!

The vibrant blue and green hues in "My Neighbor Totoro" were the inspiration for these charms.

A friends beautiful "Day of the Dead" fabric was the thought for this one.

Written by guest editor, Gaea. Visit her website to see more of her amazing creations and her blog to catch up on what's new in the studio.


Anonymous said...

Great post! I feel like that right now. I will try your suggestions. Thanks
I have that "Day of the Dead" fabric with a white background; I love it!

Joella said...

you've got something here, I would never of thought to use the ideas you had listed here! Thanks, next time I'm having a creative block these will come in handy:)


Mari said...

excellent ideas!!! thank you.

Anonymous said...

Loving the Totoro reference :)