Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holiday Boot Camp Part 3

Here is last week's Etsy Holiday Boot Camp Newsletter, in case you missed it.  This week's focus is on telling your story.  No matter where you sell your jewelry having a story is part of what buyers are looking for when they purchase handmade goods. 

How to tell your story:
*What was the inspiration behind a piece of jewelry?
*Does your jewelry contain any unusual or unique components?
*Do you use a method or technique that is exciting and different?
*Is there something distinct about you that will offer a great story for your buyers?

Think about telling the story behind a piece of jewelry the next time you are listing it in your online shop.  I admit this is a skill I need to work on as I'm always more of a 'just the facts' than sharing a story kinda gal.  Read the article from the newsletter for a great example. 

The next part of the challenge is to update your profile/bio and include your story in it.  Why do you make jewelry?  Do you have an interesting philosophy about your creative mission?  Do you offer a unique perspective on how you choose your materials?  Think about your story and what makes you stand out from the crowd.  You don't need to write a novel for this, in fact keeping it short and to the point will work in your favor.  While a good story is important, being able to tell that story succinctly is equally important.  If the goal is to offer a story for buyers, make sure it's one they could share without boring someone else to tears!

The final task is picking 'labels' or 'tags' that describe your buyers, your products and your brand.  I loved doing this!  Check out Etsy's Tag-o-Rama for some great ideas for keywords.  Finding the right and 'searchable' words for your creations is a smart use of your time.


Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Love those necklaces and thanks for posting this. I need to think about these questions because I am a Leo so I tend to give too much detail or none at all because I think no one is listening.
When I was little my father would say "is there an abridged version of this story?" So I stated to keep things to myself but when I find someone is listening I tend to go on and on...Kind like this comment, lol.
Well thanks anyway, Shannon

Nadia Her said...

trés belles créations!!!!

sharon said...

Another great post for those of us challenged in the business sense...namely me! Thank you!

TesoriTrovati said...

Such awesome tips! I do believe in the power of the story. It is so important to buyers! I try to tell them something interesting, even concocting a story of who the mystrious wearer might be in my head. Makes for a more entertaining and informative read. Thank you for sharing this, Heather! Something to think about.
Enjoy the day!

Beadshaper said...

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