Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the 11th Day Of Christmas: All Season Beauty

This season, I've had it on my mind to find ways to create designs that can be ornaments, home decor and wearables, depending on their setting. 

Here's one of those designs, inspired by the Christmas Tree with all its lights and decorations.

I used one of my large cast crosses, and combined it with an ornate crown medallion.

I wanted it to be very luxurious looking, so I added faceted glass baubles with wire wrapping, to let it have movement and a lot of bling.

Here is is hanging on the door of an antique desk, and when the holidays are over I think I'll put it there instead of packing it away with all the other holiday decorations. 

I'd love seeing it hanging there every day.

Here is is nestled into the holiday tree, very festive and ornamental. But if I slip a chain through the hanging loop at the top, I can wear it as jewelry, too. Multi-purpose!

So as you're designing this season, you might consider putting things together that can be worn as a personal adornment, as a holiday decoration and also used to decorate or ornament your home decor.

Get out those art beads, combine them with your favorite copper or brass wire, and let them show their beauty all year long and not be hidden away in their down time! 

Think outside the JEWELRY box ...


TesoriTrovati said...

Stunning as ever Lynn! I think you could bedeck an entire tree with pendants that could be interchangeable on some chain for a different sort of 12 days theme in wearable ornaments!
Enjoy the day!

Bizzy B said...

I absolutely love this idea for making pendants for the house as well as the person. It opens up the possiblity of using objects that are maybe a little larger than I'd usually wear, such as the eiffel tower I bought from you & haven't used yet. Oh my goodness!! Now I can look thru Etsy with a different viewpoint.

Malin de Koning said...

Beautiful and very inspiring!

Pretty Things said...

OMG Lynn, you have made a treasure, and I would have that in my house all year round!

SueBeads said...

Lynn, before I even saw the author I know this was your work! So unique and amazing and wonderful!

Klassy Joolz said...

So wonderful...for this time of the year or even all year long. Love all your creations!!!

Cheers, Pam