Friday, December 17, 2010

On the 8th day of Christmas: Book Tales

Book Tales

When my son was in 2nd grade we made these Book Tales using waxed linen thread and leftover beads for his classmates for Valentine's day in lieu of the traditional store bought cards and candy attached. This is a great project to make with your kids and you can use just about any beads you have lying around to clear off your beading table (and I know you can use the room!). These make great teacher gifts and are super to have on hand for anytime that you need a quick thank your for someone.
{Find beads with holes that fit the stringing material you will use!}

Start with a handful of beads. 
They can be any type from wood, resin metal or even art beads.
Don't forget spacers, charms and bead caps, too!
Gather a few yards of some stringing material, 
like suede cord in fun colors or waxed linen thread. 
You will need about 15" per Book Tale.
Start by stringing beads in any pleasing order you like onto your stringing material.
Tie knots in between the beads to secure them. End with a knot.
Leave about10-12" in between the beads and 
string a smaller section of beads for the opposite end.
Be sure to test that your knots are large enough 
so that the beads don't slide off!

{A variety of beads...lampwork glass, marbelized wood, ceramic, glass and stone}
Tuck these Book Tales into a favorite book, or add it to a gift certificate to your favorite local bookseller.

{Lampwork bead from Julsbeads on Etsy}
If you know someone who is matchy-matchy, or someone who doesn't read,
tie a shorter length of cord onto a jump ring and add that to a key ring for an instant gift!

 Enjoy the day!

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Heidi Post said...

What a wonderful idea! And a good way to use up those pretty beads of which you only have one left :)

Elizabeth said...

I've doing this for sometime and they are always well received. Like Heidi said, great way to use up loner beads. Simple.

My Life Under the Bus said...

What a great last minute idea!!

KeRobinson said...

thanks! Love this idea :)

Desert Wind Designs said...

These are great! I've been wanting some ideas for simple book marks. Love this idea!

Lienime ♥ said...

So great! These look amazing!

Yeli said...

Erin, these are very good sellers. People appreciate receiving them too.
I like your name better than the one I had for them (book thongs)

JeannieK said...

The best part is making these with the kids.
Erin, those art beads you used are so pretty.