Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New for the New Year

The New Year can be a time of reflecting on the past or looking forward. It is also the time of year when I start to plan for the year ahead and think about the holidays and seasons to come. There have been some amazing art beads and art bead projects in the past year and I'm looking forward to seeing what new art the new year has in store!


Amanda Cargill Austin

These Vintaj embossed pendant sets are from Amanda Cargill Austin of SeaShoreGlass who will have these available in Tucson at the Best Bead Show in February, along with her beautiful boro lampwork beads (booth G-204) SeashoreGlass.etsy.com


Erin Siegel

Bohemian Knotted Earrings Workshop
Bead Fest Philadelphia August 2012
Saturday, August 18th
8:00am - 11:00am

Class description:
Learn simple knotting techniques to make a trio of bohemian chic earrings! Using waxed linen cord, you will learn 3 different ways to attach colorful beads to a ring component.

Students will learn basic knotting techniques to make three pairs of stylish earrings. Techniques covered in class will included: lark's head knot, half-hitch knot, overhand knot and how to use knotting tweezers for precise knotting. Usingwaxed linen cord, students will learn 3 ways to use knots to attach beads to a ring component. Students will have the following color choices for each pair of earrings: red, orange, green, turquoise and blue.Variations on the three designs made in class will also be discussed, so student will be able to expand on the techniques they have learned.

Here's the link to the class page on the Bead Fest website.


Janet McDonald

Lampwork artist Janet McDonald has been busy making beads and sending them around the world! Here are a few of her new bead gems... You can find her work at SingingGlass.etsy.com


Marsha Neal Studio

"I have been gearing up in 2012 to make use of what I have, but try new glazes & finishing techniques. By adding oxides under & over the glazes I have to change them and by using glass etching materials to remove the glossy finish. This brings out the puddling colors underneath..."


Gaea Cannaday

Playing with a bit of copper and some new clay designs! Old has become new, as many of the pendants will be offered as cabochons!

I hope this new year finds some fun and new ways to share your creative spirit!


Marie Cramp said...

Looks like there are some fun new goodies coming out this year! Looking forward to trying some of them out :)

Sherri said...

I love coming to your blog, there are always such neat things here!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for featuring my Lampwork! yey! xx

Leslie Todd said...

So many beautiful beads and pendants! Love it!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

so super! LOVE janet's work!!!

jean xox