Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 2012 Challenge Color Palette

You know how when you're working on a necklace or pair of earrings, and the only thing you're sure about is the colors? Nothing else has come together except that part? That's how I felt with this month's challenge color palette. While I could definitely see other hues, I fixated on this one palette... please tell me that happens to other people, too.

But in case you're wanting a few warmer colors, there's a mini alternate palette as well. Because I can't leave a color unnoticed!

I love blue and green together, in any shade, any tone. The touches of grays and grayish-purples keep the entire palette on the cool side; but it would be fun to add a pop of peach or coral from the alternate palette, too, to brighten up your challenge pieces this month.

What colors are you seeing? What colors do you plan to use?

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Leah Curtis said...

Amazing - having your palette next to the painting really makes the colours pop. I hadn't even really noticed the beautiful pinks in the tree.

I plan to use moody colours on this one, with a nod to the floral influence.

Beaditi said...

I am very tempted to use the warm colors generously, and just hints of the purples and blues...and lift the spirit of the lady !

LiliKrist said...

Lovely pallete.
Hopefully some day I can join the ABS challange. Cause right now I have no beads from independent artist.

Lynda said...

I agree that having the color palettes next to the painting helps our eyes look a little more closely at the artwork, kind of like a scavenger hunt for colors.

And it can be helpful in narrowing down the colors for jewelry pieces. So many lovely combinations to choose from in this painting.


Kimberly Idalski said...

Hi I had so much fun with my entry. This photo reminded me of my sister, she is an angel in heaven now. Here is my blog. Thanks again. Love these challenges ! Happy creating everyone!!