Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Selling Tips for Mother's Day

If you sell your own line of handcrafted jewelry, gift-giving holidays can be a great time to increase sales.  With May just a few weeks away, now is the time to work those floral designs, nests and butterfly jewelry to sell for Mother's Day gifts. 

A Little Extra
Treat your customer right and they will be back time and again for their gift-giving needs.  Some easy ways to please your peeps would be taking your gift packaging just a little step above and beyond the plain cardboard box.  Ribbons, pieces of lace, washi tape and custom gift tags are quick ways to jazz it up.

Another simple way to give more value to your clients are ways to personalize your jewelry pieces.  If you stamp on metal, adding monograms and names are an easy addition to a bracelet or pendant with charms.  Adding birthstones to a simple design also gives Mother's Day gifts that custom touch.  Or if you work on wire nests, add one, two or three beads depending on how many children are in your clients family.  You get the idea - with just a little thought the gift becomes more than a piece a jewelry, it is suddenly a memento of their family.

Get Your Jewelry Out There
Check in with your local botanical gardens and garden boutiques in your area to see if they sell jewelry.  If they do book an appointment to bring in your line. Gift and clothing boutiques are other places that always need unique items for upcoming holidays. 

Book a Spring Fling lunch hour with a friend who works at an office or a local school.  (Get permission first, of course!) Donating a small percentage to the PTA or a charity are always appreciated as a thank you to those who let you sell at their location.  Bring items in portable displays that can quickly be set out and have everything ready to go before the hour starts.  Make sure you bring a mirror!  Earrings, bracelets and small pendants are always big hits at these events.

Create earring displays or bracelet racks that could easily be set up on a shop counter.  Talk to your hairdresser about setting up a display for a month on commission.  This could work at a local coffee shop, a yoga studio or a bridal shop - depending on your style of jewelry.  Quickly transform a frame with a piece of foam core covered in fabric for an instant display.


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