Thursday, April 19, 2012

Art Bead Palette :: Jangles Beads

I'm totally smitten with the beads from Jennifer Heynen (aka Jennifer Jangles) - with fun colors, bright patterns, and whimsical designs, Jennifer's work is very much how I picture the spring season. I easily spent a good hour browsing through her website and her Etsy shop, smiling with each new bead I came across. They are just so much fun that it's hard not smile when I see one of Jennifer's bright owls or cute bumblebees.

And, of course, the colors are fantastic and bright, which I love. And each bead offers up several color combination possibilities, so it'd be a joy to design around them.

How about you - which Jennifer Jangles bead is your favorite? What colors remind you of spring?

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Amy F said...

Love those birdies - they are so cute!

Christina Perraki said...

I love her beads for being so cute!

JenniferJangles said...


You're so sweet to do a whole post about my beads. I am flattered you like them so much.