Thursday, January 24, 2013

Emerald City - Pantone Color of the Year

If you've been following trends, you know that Pantone, the color forecast experts, have declared Emerald as the color of the 2013.  Hmm, emerald - really?  You may have thought the same thing.  I'm way more into the warmer, yellow/olive greens than this cool jewel tone.  But with a little Pinterest inspiration I found a few fun ways to access this trend and keep my own design style. I focused on four emerald inspired themes to share my inspirations with you today.

Beads pictured above: (left to right) NiNisBeads, Alisha White, TinasBeadMind

Zen Garden

For the Zen Garden inspiration I picked a lotus focal from The Classic Bead that surprise - doesn't have any green. You can pair up stoneware influenced pieces in gray, browns and muted white-washed tones.  And then add in some emerald green stones beads for a fresh pop of color.  Totally modern and totally zen.  I love it!  I picked faceted emerald beads from FabulousRocks, but any emerald color stone would work. 

 Garden Gate
Oh, I know what you are thinking looking at this inspiration photo - brass filigree!  Yes!  It's such a great combination with emerald green.  In fact Vintaj did a whole series on emerald green and you can see a few of those designs here.  So add in rustic elements with brass, amber colors and dark browns to temper the bright green.  Lampwork flowers from Susan Sheehan, emerald green lampwork spacers from Lampwork by Amy.

 Emerald City
I love this architectural inspiration.  Take your cues and go with monochromatic shades and dip into the lighter shades of emerald paired with the brighter.  Find beads with graphic shapes and outlines and pair them up with faceted beads.  Use clasps and findings that echo the graphic design elements.  I love these lampwork beads from Heather Behrendt that remind me of these windows paired up with semi-translucent faceted stones like these emeralds from CherishedFew

Forest Finds
Okay, this is more my comfort zone.  Add emerald green to those warmer, earthy hues of olive and forest inspired finds. Sneak in some yellow or yellow-green to brighten up your palette. Pair them up with rustic brass wire and woodsy findings like metal branch connectors to give your emerald greens a rich and rustic feel.  A fern ceramic pendant from Kylie Parry would be so cute matched up with a mix of green Czech leaves from YashmaCreations, it doesn't take much emerald to grab hold of this trend. 

So if you haven't been feeling Emerald green I hope I inspired you to give it a second look, because you'll be seeing it all year round!  

The inspiration photos are from the Art Bead Scene's 2013 Spring Trends Pinterest Board, unfortunately the photos can not be credited back to their original source.  Sorry!


Tina said...

Heather I really enjoyed seeing your gorgeous emerald inspirations. I had a similar feeling when I read about the Pantone color of the year being Emerald. It's not one of my favorite greens. You've changed my mind about it!
Thank you also for featuring my sea green pendant. I was so thrilled to see it here.

sandi m said...

Beautiful boards, Heather. I'm partial to emerald since it's my birthstone. Glad to see it in the spotlight this year for all seasons, not just as a winter color. Your selections illustrate some beautiful possibilities.

Cindy said...

Heather, I wasn't crazy about this color initially but it has really grown on me. Your inspiration boards here are just gorgeous - and I'm enjoying seeing the work of bead artists and sources that I wasn't familiar with.

Unknown said...

lovely color! Hugs, Doris

baymoondesign said...

Green is my favorite color so I am happy with Emerald.

TesoriTrovati said...

Ooh! I love this! When I was in h.s. I had an emerald green suede leather jacket. I loved that coat. I also have some real emeralds that I should find again and start wearing! I love them all but the Emerald City picture with the architecture is calling to me, and that door! You know how I love doors, keyholes and hardware! Enjoy the day. Erin

mirsini's creations said...

Wow !!!! Very inspirational creations and i love all the shades of green...especially emerald !!!! Wow...i'm inspired by these colors right now...and i love bronze fits so much with emerald !!!
Thanks for sharing..have a nice weekend !! :)

Sharyl said...

What a lot of work must have gone into producing this one, perfectly beautiful entry! I feel like I've received a gift just looking at these photographs! Thank you so much!

Sharyl said...

I'm just reading the comments above now, and see Erin's about her emerald green coat! I had boots that color! (People occasionally referred to them as "elf shoes!") Gee, I loved those boots! :-)