Friday, June 28, 2013

Bead Chat Magazine - ABS June Review

The Artisan Whimsy group puts out a great e-magazine each month called Bead Chat.  The Art Bead Scene is proud to be a new monthly contributor and will share the links to our news stories here on the blog.

June’s Challenge was a watercolor painting entitled, “Jackknife Village” by Franklin Carmichael from 1926.  This painting inspired a great collection of sun-drenched beach house creations and sea-themed jewelry.  Be sure to check out the blog to see the latest hop and the challenge for July. 

Here is a necklace by Art Bead Scene editor, Heather Powers inspired by the challenge.  Art beads by Humblebeads, Genea Beads and Green Girl Studio.

Best of the ABS
Down by the River Earrings” - a great free earring project from Gaea Cannaday.  Follow along with Gaea’s easy pictorial tutorial and you’ll be whipping up a pair of these earrings in time for your next stroll along with waterfront! 

Color Inspiration
Every month designer Brandi Hussey puts together a series of color palettes based on art beads.  This month was all about beach and beads by MayaHoney. Check out June’s Art Bead Color Palettes.

Brandi just released a book on color theory that is a must for designers and artists.  Understanding Color: Color Theory Made Easy is 84 pages filled with practical advice and amazing color palettes. 

Summer is Calling:

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