Sunday, June 23, 2013

Show Me Sunday - Word Beads with Rebecca of Songbead

So, Art Bead Sceners, this post reaches you a little later on on your Sunday than usual. Why? Well, because I was not organised enough to schedule it earlier this week, and because today I was exhibiting at The Art Market, Holmfirth. Holmfirth, which I did not know prior to this weekend, is a beautiful wee town in West Yorkshire. And it hosts a series of Art Markets every year. This weekend was my first time participating, and I had a fantastic time! Here's my stand, all set up and ready to go - neat and tidy before the first customers arrived yesterday evening:

It's a little smaller than the space I have luxuriated in recently, so it required a complete rethink in terms of layout. A fun challenge! It's good to shake things up, I think, and not let your set up get stale. I am doing a show in the summer in Edinburgh, during the festival there, and my space is virtually the same dimensions as Holmfirth - so this was a great first go. 

And now on to our word beads for this week! We had some really great shares in our comments last week - thank you, ladies!

Melissa of BeeTreeByMe shared this sweet handmade polymer bead, stamped with DREAM.....very lovely! 

I love the coppery 'patina' she's given this one!

And one of my favourite bead artists, Mary Harding, shared a few of her new series of toggle clasps. Aren't they just stunning?

Check them out in her shop here. I can't decide which one is my favourite! 

And another of my favourite bead artists, Kylie Parry, has this pair of sweet birds available - one of which is inscribed with the word 'love'. How gorgeous!

We've one more Sunday in June, so let's pull out all the stops and share as many word beads as we can! Link to yours here in the comments. And if you've any suggestions for what you'd like to see shared here in July, then post away! I'd love to hear your ideas :-)

And now for the Bead Blogger Links. Have a lovely Sunday evening! 

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The polymer clay community has gone global. Learn about a new book that shows off the works of hundreds of international artists. 

Gaea shares her June etsy finds in a gorgeous treasury, full of texture and colour! Perfect for working on your challenge piece with. 

Make your own unique and colorful head pins...using nail polish! 

Sometimes when you have too many supplies you just go too far. Take a look at this over the top initials in resin clay necklace. 

Jean tries a bit of Jewelry Therapy, making a lovely bracelet to relax during an exciting, event-filled week! 

Andrew shares the evolution of the Allegory Gallery Annex space! 

Rebecca is a Scottish jewellery designer, currently living in Manchester, England. You can read more about her and her work at her blog, and see more of her jewellery at She also has a supplies shop at


m.e. said...

Thank you very ,very much for including my word bead .

I Love, Love ,Love Mary Harding's Toggles! Fabulous !!!

m.e. / Mary Ellen

I listed some toggles this week

Mary Harding said...

Love your table set up!! Very eye catching and inviting. Thanks so for the wonderful write up and pictures of my word beads. I am thinking summer food would be a good one for July!! I just was over at Kylie's shop and saw her watermelon beads. One of my fav summer fruits. Summer is such a fun time for food!! I am enjoying all of you theme posts!!

baymoondesign said...

Good luck at you show!