Sunday, June 9, 2013

Show Me Sunday - Word Beads with Rebecca of Songbead

Happy Sunday everyone! I have spent an extended weekend up on the beautiful Isle of Skye, off the NW coast of Scotland. What inspiration! I am not yet a driver, so I undertook the epic train journey up to Skye on Thursday - leaving my house in Manchester at 6.30am and arriving at my friends' house at 9pm that night! Long and tiring, but worth it.  

Here's the view from very near their cottage. They actually stay in one of the wee white building you can see across the loch. Just paradise, especially on a perfectly sunny day like Friday, when I snapped this photo.

I have returned with a whole load of jewellery - not only pieces I made on the train journeys up and down, but also because I stopped in at one of my bricks and mortar stockists and did a big stock swap. It was really lovely to see some of the pieces that Precious Sparkle Beads had yet to sell. Of course, it would have been fab if everything had sold(!), but it's like meeting old friends; reclaiming pieces I made, many of them over a year ago. Here are some of the pieces I left behind in a quick instagram:

{Precious Sparkle Beads is also an awesome gemstone shop! Check it out. I get almost all my gemstones from lovely Dawn!}

And now onto Word Beads! Share your wordy finds in the comments. I'd love to see some more beads that YOU have made! Share them on facebook too if that is easier. We want to help share your creations! 

First up, Melissa of BeeTree by m.e. shared her favourite word beads with us - these awesome paper (can you believe?) beads from Gillian McMurray. THANK YOU Melissa for your share!
I love these! They are just a little bit different, in a very good way. 

Megan of A Delightful Mistake has been making her own polymer beads for a while now, and has recently added 'word beads' to her repertoire. Here are some, showcased within a necklace, but convo her and I'm sure she will make some up for you to design with! What gorgeous, vibrant colours Megan works with. 

And Art Bead Scene team member Gaea also has a couple of fantabulous grab bags in her overstock shop. Move fast people! These are BARGAINS, and top quality. 

This one features five pendants on a spring theme. How cute are these?

And now the Bead Blogger Links. Happy Sunday, peeps!

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Check out the Inspired by Reading Book Club blog hop for May's selection, "A Rumor of Gems" by Ellen Steiber! 

Rebecca is a Scottish jewellery designer, currently living in Manchester, England. You can read more about her and her work at her blog, and see more of her jewellery at She also has a supplies shop at


Gaea said...

In a word "Lovely"! Thanks for sharing my works of words! :)

Mary Harding said...

Great post. I was once on the Isle of Skye. Wonderful to see it here. We had beautiful sunny weather too. Magnificent!