Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Harvest Owl Earrings

Inspired by this month's Art Bead Scene challenge I created these Harvest Owl Earrings for today's tutorial. These simple earrings use a petal headpin as the backdrop for a tiny charm.  

Supplies: 2 Petal Headpins, 2 Vintaj Arte Metal Owl Charms, 2 Copper Earwires
Tools: A pencil, buffing block, round and chain nose pliers, bench block, ball peen hammer

1. Use a buffing block on the owl charms to highlight the metal details.
2. With the chain nose pliers bend the headpin to the right at an angle.
3. Wrap the headpin around a pencil to form a large loop.
4. Hold the loop with the chain nose pliers and wrap the wire under the loop several times.
5. With the wire in the front, slide on the owl charm.
6. Wrap the rest of the wire at the base of the loop, above the charm.
7. Hammer the loop with the ball peen hammer.
8. Add the earwire.

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SusanDolphinDelaney said...

I honestly couldn't imagine how to use a headpin like that until I saw your photo. Thanks so much,