Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Etsy Picks: Inspired by Haida Totems

Etsy Picks! I've never done an Etsy Picks post before, so I'll be taking up the baton with all the enthusiasm of a first timer! I've been trotting around Etsy, going, 'pick, pick, pick'.  There are so many different ways into this month's challenge image, but I think any of these would be a fabulous place to start.

Looking at the challenge image, I'm tempted to start stacking beads to form a totem pendant. I spotted lots of lovely wheels which would sit in the mix very well, like these cheery driftwood pieces from Nature Scavenger.

Or if you're wanting to stay within the more muted colour scheme of the painting, you could try these textured drums from Jon Burgess.

I also happen to have these big chunkers in my shop, which would fit the bill nicely.

Then I'd want some critters to pop in amongst my wheels. By searching under 'totem', I found these beauties from Jewelry and Beads By Katie.

I have some winging their way to me right now from Russia - that's how much I loved them! I'm also in quite grave need of one of these bears (!!!!) from Spinning Star Studio.

I was truly spoilt for choice in Petra Carpreau's shop, Scorched Earth. She has a wealth of animal parts and masks and faces. I decided to pick this bird skull.

Time to switch to people faces. Aren't these neat? They're from a new-to-me shop - NadiaTerra.

Here's another face piece from Pottery Girl.

Perhaps you're thinking that you might go for a less figurative interpretation of the challenge image? Richelle, of Shipwreck Dandy, has a number of these textured sets which put me in mind of the carved wood and the colours in the painting.

And talking of the colours and textures, how about these, from Inviciti? I was going to share another pair but, erm....... 'Sorry, this item sold. You may also like':

Finally, what do the rest of the ABS team have on offer that might fit the bill? These birch log focals of Heather's could work beautifully. The shape, the colours....

These charms from Mary's shop provide a subtle nod to the wild undergrowth in Carr's painting.

As does this stunning toggle clasp which Ema has on offer.

Finally, if you are thinking of earrings, how about incorporating some of Rebecca''s lovely headpins? I think these would a little graphic flourish that would tie in nicely with the patterns on Carr's totems.

See? Told you I'd done lots of picking! I've thoroughly enjoyed it and come across several new bead artists and bought new beads whilst I was about it. I hope you've been tempted too! 

Bye for now, Claire 


Kristen said...

I love house beads and when I found these copper house shaped blanks, I knew I wanted to enamel some houses of my own. I have some for sale in my etsy shop www.beadswedesupplies.etsy.com


Mary Harding said...

Love your picking Claire!!! Thanks so for including my wild pasture grass!! Feels so like Spring today!!
Here is a link to a couple of tall house beads I made