Saturday, June 13, 2015

Best of Art Bead Scene: Garden Gate Clasp

I've been clicking through some of our 'oldies but goodies' posts, and thought that some of you might like to revisit this awesome clasp from Heather. I think it would look really fab in a chunky, organicly rustic bracelet - how about you? Share your pictures with us if you have a go - over on our Facebook page or in the 'Art Bead Scene Lounge'!


Garden Gate Clasp

Create a wire hook and eye clasp to use with a multi-strand design.  I think this would look great on a bracelet with some floral inspired art beads.  Ah, spring - so glad you are here!

9" 18 gauge half hard sterling silver wire
4" 22 gauge copper wire

Tools: Round and chain nose pliers, flush wire cutters, chasing hammer, bench block

1. Cut the silver wire into two 4.5" lengths.  Bend the wires around a tube of beads (or a Sharpie Marker), form into two circles.  
2. Use your fingers to bend and form one circle into a slightly oval shape, a little thinner than the circle.  This part of the clasp will need to fit inside the circle.  
3. Create spirals on the end of wires with round nose pliers, keeping the spirals as uniform as possible.
4. Hammer the ends of the spirals with the chasing hammer on a bench block.  Hammer the circle on the round clasp and the end of the oval.  Don't hammer on the part of the wires that crosses over each other.  
5. With the chain nose pliers, bend the oval clasp section in half to form the hook.
6. Cut the copper wire into two 2" lengths and wrap around the center of the clasps.

The last two photos show the clasp in it's natural state and antiqued with liver of sulphur. 

Designers note: Use brass or copper wire to practice this design before trying it in silver wire.


Terri said...

will be making one of these..thanks for sharing!

baymoondesign said...

Great tutorial, thank you!

Blue Kiln Beads said...

Love this, might have to gie it a go. Thank you for sharing it.

Carol Briody said...

Thank you! Beautiful!

Unknown said...

Ooooo thank you! I'malways looking for new metal ideas, this one's great!