Sunday, December 20, 2015

10th Day of Christmas: Dancing Snowflake Knotted Bracelet

This is an easy knotted design that offers a playful element by alternating which side the beads are strung on before knotting the cords. 

Polymer clay snowflake
10mm ceramic round bead
8 8mm bronze plated hematite
11 matte crackle agate
2" copper headpin
8mm copper jump ring
40" green waxed linen cord 

1. Fold the linen in half, Start at the center an tie a knot, repeat on both sides of the first knot until you have an 1 1/2" long knotted center. (Make sure the knotted area easily slides over the 10mm but isn't too much larger). Make a loop with the knotted section of the cord and tie together. 

2. On one cord string an agate bead, pull the two cords together above the bead and tie a knot. String the next agate bead on the opposite cord and pull the two cords together above the bead and tie a knot. Repeat alternating which cord the bead is strung on and knot between each bead. Repeat with the other 9 agate beads. Repeat with the 9 hematite beads. 

3. Tie both cords together to form a larger knot. String on the ceramic bead, tie a knot with both cords. On each cord tie knots as in step one for a 1/2" on each cord, trim excess cord.

Resources: check your local bead store for stones or try Etsy. Ceramic bead: White Clover Kiln. Snowflake bead: Humblebeads. Jump ring and headpin: Yadana Beads. Waxed linen: Hobby Lobby or White Clover Kiln. 

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