Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2nd Day of Christmas: Tree House Ladder Necklace

Tree House art bead by elukka

My inspiration for today's 2nd Day of Christmas tutorial is this art bead I purchased about a year ago from elukka   The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it.  I love the tiny steps going to the tiny house ensconced in that beautiful fir tree.  How perfect for this Holiday season.   If you are not familiar with the charming house beads and other wonders made by artist
  • Szilvia Vihriälä  and owner of the Etsy shop elukka, and even if you are,  I hope you will stop by and see her current listings. 
 I call the necklace I am sharing with you today, Tree House Ladder. While I was making this necklace I was thinking its ladder structure goes well with the  idea of climbing up into the tree to the tree house.  And then I realized that when I am wearing this necklace, I am the tree.  Makes me think of the Yoga Tree Pose and wearing it gives me a sense of finding center and feeling balanced and well grounded.  Although you may not be able to find the exact same art beads I have used, the tutorial does show the basics of making a ladder style necklace with these wonderful curved multi loop connectors and develops the ladder theme for a necklace suitable for this time of year with many suggestions for sources of art beads.

                         Tree House Ladder Necklace by MaryHardingJewelry

                            Another View  Tree House Ladder necklace showing neckline

3 Blue Moon Curved Multi Loop Connectors  in Antique Silver or Gold Color.  I used the gold color finish (JoAnn Fabrics)
25 ( includes a few extra)  7mm jump rings from JoAnn Fabrics. You need thin ones to fit thru the loops on the curved connectors. I used the gold color.  I had to ream out the holes on many of them anyway.
2 large 15mm jump rings gold color JoAnn Fabrics
2-6  16 gauge gold colored 8mm jump rings  Fire Mountain Beads
32  inches medium curb chain antique brass  Ornamentea
Toggle Clasp to go with your chain.  Lima Beads
10 size 8 seed beads in a dark transparent matte green Whimbeads
8   size 8 seed beads in a dark transparent red Whimbeads
3 yards  DMC #5 Cotton Perle to make the tassel. JoAnn Fabrics Directions available here
Various Art Beads:  Christmas tree charms, birds and leaves are by MaryHardingJewelry; heart flower is by Melanie Brooks of Earthenwood Studio; Tree House Tree by Elukka
2 brass balled end head pins--you can make these from 20 gauge brass wire or use headpins
2 silver or copper heishi beads  Micheals
2 pairs of chain nose pliers for attaching beads and charms to the curved connector bars
Round nose pliers for making wrapped loops for the bird charms
Flush cutters for cutting the wire for wire wrapping
Bead Reamer for enlarging holes on the curved multi loop connectors
Scissors for cutting the cotton yarn
A small piece of cardboard for wrapping your tassel

1.  Lay out the chain on your work surface so that both ends are even.  You will be counting links from these evenly placed ends to determine where to attach the curved multi looped connectors.
NOTE  keep your chain in one piece until you are completely finished assembling your necklace and then add the toggle clasp.  In between work sessions hang your necklace on a manikin or something else so that it does not get twisted and tangled.  Like the Yoga Tree Pose, this necklace is based on balance.
2.  Attach the three curved multi looped connectors.  To attach the first one count up 7 links and attach one of the 7mm jump rings to the inside of the 8th link and then to the connector.  Repeat this on the other end of the chain.
Attach the 2nd curved multi looped connector by counting up 14 links (from where the first connector is attached)  and attaching a 7 mm jump ring to the  inside of the 15th link.  Repeat for the other end of the curved connector.
Attach the 3rd curved multi looped connector by counting up 11 links from 2nd curved connector and attaching a 7mm jump ring to the inside of the 12th link.  Repeat this on the other half of the chain.
3.  Check and make sure that all three of your curved multi loop bars hang evenly before going on.
4.  Beginning from the lowest "rung" of your ladder begin attaching your art beads and art charms.
It is a good idea to start with the largest and heaviest bead first.  To find the middle of the curved connector count out 6 loops and attach your bead ( the colorful Fir Tree) to the 7th. Each bar has 13 loops.  Then attach your art bead charms to the 2nd and 12th loop.  You will probably need to use your bead reamer to enlarge these loops on the curved connector bar to get the jump rings to slide in easily.
5.  Still on the lowest "rung"  assemble 6 of the 7mm jump rings with one dark green transparent size 8 seed bead.  Hang these on loops 4,5,6 and 8,9,10 of the curved connector bar.
5. Hang one leaf charm with a 7mm jump ring on each of the loose ends of the chain that are  hanging below the first "rung."  These will help balance your necklace.
6.  Now we go the the 2nd rung of the ladder.  Hang your Tree House Art Bead or other large bead on the center loop, which is loop # 7 .  Attach it with a 7mm jump ring.
7.  Make wire wrapped loops for the two bird beads using head pins and heishi beads.  Attach the birds to the curved connectors on loops #3 and #11.
8.  Assemble 4  7mm jump rings with size 8 dark green transparent seed beads.  Attach these to loops 1,2 and 12, 13 on the curved connector bar.
9.  Assembling the 3rd and highest rung: Attach the fir tree charms to loops 3 and 13. Use the larger jump rings for these.
10.  Attach you Dark green tassel to loop # 7
11.  Assemble 4  7mm jump rings with the dark red transparent size 8 seed bead.    Attach them to to loops 5,6 and 8,9.
12.  Attaching the clasp. Use the sturdy 16 gauge 8mm jump rings to attach your clasp.   Find the center link of your chain, open that link and attach your toggle with one of the 16 gauge 8mm jump rings. On the other open end of your chain attach the toggle bar with a 16 mm jump ring.  Check to make sure that your necklace hangs well and that the "rungs" are centered.  If not add  8mm jump rings or subtract links from the chain until it hangs evenly.
Now you have finished your Ladder Necklace. Enjoy!!  Happy Holidays!!

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Shai Williams said...

It's just beautiful. I have some of those curved tubes and for some reason I thought I had to use every loop. It looked way too busy.

Claire Lockwood said...

What a clever design, Mary!

Linda said...

Cute, cute!

Unknown said...

So pretty