Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day from the Earring Whisperer! 

I feel as though I should be wearing an eye mask and have a rose clenched in my teeth whilst writing this!

What a perfect day to talk about Love, Passion and ART BEADS!!  

Look at these colors together! The blending of deep red, pink and purple give so much richness and depth! The hearts and sugary discs are free-form and the arrow fletching or tail feathers, have a one-of-a-kind layered patina adding extra life and texture. For fun, I've inverted the hearts to form an arrow head. These earrings have a bit of whimsy, but still edgy!

They are simply constructed; the real work was in the design. Proportion, shape and color are most important in this pair. I also made sure that I wire wrapped heavy, not only for security, but for the overall design, giving the three beads continuity in forming cupid's arrow.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Loralee  <3
Loralee Kolton Jewelry


1 pair, 16mm  lampwork heart beads.
1 pair, 14mm of lampwork sugar disc beads.
2 pieces of  4mm bi-cone, red or purple Swarovski crystals
1 pair 29mm long, pewter arrow charms.
2 pieces of 20g oxidized wire, appox, 10" long ea. 
2 pieces of 24g oxidized wire approx. 4" long
2 copper earwires


1. Start by wire-wrapping the arrow's tail or fletching, making sure to leave an extra long, straight piece of wire extended out.

2.  Add the sugar disc and then a bi-cone crystal. The crystal will stabilize the disc and create a small space you'll use later. 

3. Add the glass heart, making sure to invert it, forming the arrow's head.

4. Make a wire-wrapped loop at the top, still leaving a long tail of wire. Use the remaining tail of wire to run down the back of the heart and then once again, wrapping directly under the heart.  The double wrapping not only looks nice, but it will keep your heart facing forward.

5. Lastly, go back and directly under the disc bead, use the 24g wire to tightly add an extra wrapping between the disc and arrow's tail. Aesthetically, it's more pleasing to the eye to cover up that skinny little wrap you started out with, and, will match the thicker wrapping on the other side of the disc.


Lampwork disc beads:  http://www.silverfishdesigns.etsy.com


Ann Schroeder said...

Beautiful design, Loralee, as always!

Laurel said...

OMG!!!! I absolutely adore these!!!! This is a wonderful tutorial and I love your handle...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Terri Del Signore said...

Loving the mask idea!! Beautiful earrings!

Mary Harding said...

What a dynamic earring design Loralee. Love the way you turned the hearts into love arrows!! Beautiful color and your design and construction tips are so helpful!!!

Sarajo Wentling said...

Super cute, Loralee! I can see why you were so excited to share them with us! Did you color the pewter charms? They look amazing!